Prime Archives in Material Science: 3rd Edition


The book Prime Archives in Material Science is a compilation of recent research advances covering techniques for studying the relationships between structure, processing, properties, and performance of materials. The topics covered include but not limited to metals, polymers, electronic materials, nanostructured materials, and applications of materials in the life sciences.


Editor: M Iqbal Khan

ISBN: 978-81-953047-9-0

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Optimization of the Fine to Coarse Aggregate Ratio for the Workability and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concretes
Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Wasim Abbass, Mohammad Alrubaidi and Fahad K Alqahtani

Anatomy of Magnetic Anisotropy and Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy in Metal Oxide Heterostructure from First Principles
Indra Pardede, Daiki Yoshikawa, Tomosato Kanagawa, Nurul Ikhsan, Masao Obata and Tatsuki Oda

Ranking Broadband Microwave Absorption Performance of Multilayered Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Carbon and Metallic Nanofillers
Yann Danlée, Francisco Mederos-Henry, Sophie Hermans, Christian Bailly and Isabelle Huynen

Enhancing Electrical Contact with a Commercial Polymer for Electrical Resistivity Tomography on Archaeological Sites: A Case Study
Marco D Vásconez-Maza, Pedro Martínez-Pagán, Hasan Aktarakçi, María C García-Nieto and Marcos A Martínez-Segura

Effect of Plantain Pseudostem Fibres and Lime on the Properties of Cement Mortar
Humphrey Danso

Comparison of Conventional and Flash Spark Plasma Sintering of Cu–Cr Pseudo-Alloys: Kinetics, Structure, Properties
Kirill V Kuskov, Mohammad Abedi, Dmitry O Moskovskikh, Illia Serhiienko and Alexander S Mukasyan

Influence of the Treatment Temperature on the Microstructure and Hydration Behavior of Thermoactivated Recycled Cement
Sofia Real, Ana Carriço, José Alexandre Bogas and Mafalda Guedes

Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Semiconductor Metal Oxide Gas Sensors
Lado Filipovic and Siegfried Selberherr

Evaluation of the Behavior of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Green Concrete Exposed to Magnesium Sulfate
Laura Landa-Ruiz, Hilda Ariza-Figueroa, Griselda Santiago-Hurtado, Victor Moreno-Landeros, Ce Tochtli Méndez, Yazmin Rivera, René Croche and Miguel Angel Baltazar-Zamora

Review on the Influence of Temperature upon Hydrogen Effects in Structural Alloys
Thorsten Michler, Frank Schweizer and Ken Wackermann

Buckling and Post-Buckling Behavior of Uniform and Variable Density Lattice Morphologies
Aamer Nazir and Jeng-Ywan Jeng

Structural Evolution in Isothermal Crystallization Process of Poly(L-lactic acid) Enhanced by Silk Fibroin Nano-Disc
Amit Kumar Pandey, Vimal Katiyar, Hideaki Takagi, Nobutaka Shimizu, Noriyuki Igarashi, Sono Sasaki and Shinichi Sakurai

Dielectric Properties of Upside-Down SrTiO3/Li2MoO4 Composites Fabricated at Room Temperature
Nina Kuzmić, Srečo Davor Škapin, Mikko Nelo, Heli Jantunen and Matjaž Spreitzer

Cast Ferrous Alloys Reinforced with WC-Metal Matrix Composites Fabricated by Ex-Situ Methods
Aida B Moreira, Laura MM Ribeiro and Manuel F Vieira

Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) Fabricated by Direct Laser Deposition: A Review
Ferreira AA, Romio PC, Sousa JP, Omid E, Cruz J, Reis AR and Vieira MF

Experimental Study and Design of Experiment Using Statistical Analysis for the Development of Geopolymer Matrix for Oil-Well Cementing for Enhancing the Integrity
Siti Humairah A Rahman, Nurul Nazmin Zulkarnain and Nasir Shafiq

Effect of Copper Addition on the AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys Properties via the Electroless Plating and Powder Metallurgy Technique
Mohamed Ali Hassan, Hossam M Yehia, Ahmed SA Mohamed, Ahmed Essa El-Nikhaily and Omayma A Elkady

Elucidating the Trajectory of the Charge Transfer Mechanism and Recombination Process of Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells
Joseph K Kirui, Solomon Akin Olaleru, Lordwell Jhamba, Daniel Wamwangi, Kittessa Roro, Adam Shnier, Rudolph Erasmus and Bonex Mwakikunga

Influence of Chromium Concentration on the Abrasive Wear of Ni-Cr-B-Si Coatings Applied by Supersonic Flame Jet (HVOF)
Mara Kandeva, Zhetcho Kalitchin and Yana Stoyanova

Exploration of Free Energy Surface of Chiral Be4B8 Cluster at Different Temperatures
Martha Fabiola Martin-del-Campo-Solis, Cesar Castillo-Quevedo, Edgar Zamora-Gonzalez, Carlos Emiliano Buelna-García, Eduardo Robles-Chaparro, Gerardo Martínez-Guajardo, Aned de-Leon-Flores, Gilberto Anzueto-Sánchez and Jose Luis Cabellos

On the Influence of Additional Axial and Bending Loads on Fatigue Life of Preloaded Bolts
Ivan Okorn , Marko Nagode , Jernej Klemenc and Simon Oman

Inkjet Printing of Polypyrrole Electroconductive Layers Based on Direct Inks Freezing and Their Use in Textile Solid-State Supercapacitors
Zbigniew Stempien, Mohmmad Khalid, Marcin Kozanecki, Paulina Filipczak, Angelika Wrzesińska, Ewa Korzeniewska and Elżbieta Sąsiadek

Microstructure Evolution of TiC Particles In Situ, Synthesized by Laser Cladding
Yanhui Liu, Jieqiong Ding , Weicheng Qu , Yu Su and Zhishui Yu

Stainless Steel Surface Nitriding in Open Atmosphere Cold Plasma: Improved Mechanical, Corrosion and Wear Resistance Properties
Alice O Mateescu, Gheorghe Mateescu, Adriana Balan, Catalin Ceaus, Ioan Stamatin, Daniel Cristea, Cornel Samoila and Doru Ursutiu

Graphene-Based Electrodes for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell Technology
Susana Fernández, Ignacio Torres, Julio Cárabe, Israel Arnedo and José Javier Gandía

Er-Doped Nanostructured BaTiO3 for NIR to Visible Upconversion
Ariel Meneses-Franco, Marcelo Campos-Vallette, Sergio Octavio Vásquez and Eduardo A Soto-Bustamante

Research and Development of Novel Refractory of MgO Doped with ZrO2 Nanoparticles for Copper Slag Resistance
Cristian Gómez-Rodríguez, Yanet Antonio-Zárate, Josept Revuelta-Acosta, Luis Felipe Verdeja, Daniel Fernández-González, Jesús Fernando López-Perales, Edén Amaral Rodríguez-Castellanos, Linda Viviana García-Quiñonez and Guadalupe Alan Castillo-Rodríguez

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