Prime Archives in Material Science: 2nd Edition


The book Prime Archives in Material Science is a compilation of recent research advances covering techniques for studying the relationships between structure, processing, properties, and performance of materials. The topics covered include but not limited to metals, polymers, electronic materials, nanostructured materials, and applications of materials in the life sciences.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-26-2

Editor: José Alexandre Bogas

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Influence of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coatings on Stress Corrosion of AlMg6 Alloy
Lesław Kyzioł and Aleksandr Komarov

A Review on the Carbonation and Chloride Penetration Resistance of Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
José Alexandre Bogas and Sofia Real

Dual Imaging Gold Nanoplatforms for Targeted Radiotheranostics
Francisco Silva, António Paulo, Agnès Pallier, Sandra Même, Éva Tóth, Lurdes Gano, Fernanda Marques, Carlos FGC Geraldes, M Margarida CA Castro, Ana M Cardoso, Amália S Jurado, Pilar López-Larrubia, Sara Lacerda and Maria Paula Cabral Campello

Biomimetic Microenvironments for Regenerative Endodontics
Sagar N Kaushik, Bogeun Kim, Alexander M Cruz Walma, Sung Chul Choi, Hui Wu, Jeremy J Mao, Ho-Wook Jun and Kyounga Cheon

Kinetics of the Leaching Process of an Australian Gibbsitic Bauxite by Hydrochloric Acid
Aichun Zhao, Ting-an Zhang, Guozhi Lv and Wenyan Tian

Reprogramming Static Deformation Patterns in Mechanical Metamaterials
Larry A Danso and Eduard G Karpov

Vehiculation of Active Principles as a Way to Create Smart and Biofunctional Textiles
Manuel J Lis Arias, Luisa Coderch, Meritxell Martí, Cristina Alonso, Oscar García Carmona, Carlos García Carmona and Fabricio Maesta

Microstructure and Degradation of Mortar Containing Waste Glass Aggregate as Evaluated by Various Microscopic Techniques
Przemysław Czapik

Influence of Size on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an AISI 304L Stainless Steel – A Comparison between Bulk and Fibers
Jose Martin Herrera-Ramirez, Caleb Carreño-Gallardo and Francisco Javier Baldenebro-Lopez

A Simple-to-Implement Simulator for the Reactive Extrusion of Poly(Lactic Acid) in a Corotating Uniform Twin-Screw Extruder
René O Vargas, J Esteban López-Aguilar, Lorenzo A Martínez-Suástegui and Francisco López-Serrano

Efficiency of Different Electrolytes on Electrochemical Chloride Extraction to Recover Concrete Structures under Chloride Induced Corrosion
Thamara Tofeti Lima and Ki Yong Ann

New Nanofibers based on Protein By-Products with Bioactive Potential for Tissue Engineering
Maria Râpă, Carmen Gaidău, Laura Mihaela Stefan, Ecaterina Matei, Mihaela Niculescu, Mariana Daniela Berechet, Maria Stanca, Cristina Tablet, Mădălina Tudorache, Raluca Gavrilă, Cristian Predescu and Ruxandra Vidu

Quantitative Structure–Property Relationships from Experiments for CH4 Storage and Delivery by Metal–Organic Frameworks
Eyas Mahmoud

Three-Dimensional Generalized Dynamics of Soft-Matter Quasicrystals
Tian-You Fan and Zhi-Yi Tang

Cu-Doped KCl Folded and Unfolded Band Structure and Optical Properties Studied by DFT Calculations
Jose Luis Cabellos, César Castillo-Quevedo and Alvaro Posada-Amarillas

Changes of Multiphase Flow Patterns during Steel Tapping with Simultaneous Argon Bottom Stirring in the Ladle
Alfonso Nájera-Bastida, Jafeth Rodríguez-Ávila, Javier Guarneros-Guarneros, Rodolfo D Morales and Kinnor Chattopadhyay

Effects of Temperature on IR Spectroscopy of the Fluxional Be6B11-Cluster
Carlos Emiliano Buelna-Garcia, Cesar Castillo-Quevedo, Jesus Manuel Quiroz-Castillo, Gerardo
Martinez-Guajardo, Aned de-Leon-Flores, Gilberto Anzueto-Sanchez, Martha Fabiola
Martin-del-Campo-Solis and Jose Luis Cabellos

An Experimental Study of Temperature Effect on Properties of Nitride Layers on X37CrMoV51 Tool Steel Used in Extrusion Aluminium Industry
Rafał Hubicki, Maria Richert and Marcel Wiewióra

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