Prime Archives in Sensors


The book Prime Archives in Sensors is a compilation of recent research advances in science and technology of sensors and sensing phenomena. The topics covered, but not limited to, applications of senors in healthcare and environmental monitoring, processing industries, transportation, and engineering.


ISBN: 978-81-945175-7-3

Editor: Xin-Wei Yao


The AIDSS Module for Aerial, Laboratory and Terrestrial Data Acquisition
Andrija Krtalić, Milan Bajić, Tamara Ivelja, Ivan Racetin, Vanja Miljković and Dubravko Gajski

Fluorescence-Based Detection of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene, and Cumene (BTEXC) Compounds in Fuel-Contaminated Snow Environments
Dana J DiScenza, Lauren E Intravaia, Anna Healy, Sage B Dubrawski and Mindy Levine

Application of Photocured Polymer Ion Selective Membranes for Solid-State Chemical Sensors
Natalia Abramova and Andrey Bratov

Self-Calibration and Performance Control of MEMS with Applications for IoT
Jason Clark

Laboratory Calibration of D-dot Sensor Based on System Identification Method
Ke Wang, Yantao Duan, Lihua Shi and Shi Qiu

Computational Experiments on the Step and Frequency Responses of a Three-Axis Thermal Accelerometer
Yoshifumi Ogami, Naoya Murakita and Koji Fukudome

Carbon Monoxide Sensing Technologies for Next-Generation Cyber-Physical Systems
Turja Nandy, Ronald A Coutu Jr. and Cristinel Ababei

Self-Taught Learning Based on Sparse Autoencoder for E-Nose in Wound Infection Detection
Peilin He, Pengfei Jia, Siqi Qiao and Shukai Duan

Depicting Binding-Mediated Translocation of HIV-1 Tat Peptides in Living Cells with Nanoscale Pens of Tat-Conjugated Quantum Dots
Chien Y Lin, Jung Y Huang and Leu-Wei Lo

Smart Building: Decision Making Architecture for Thermal Energy Management
Oscar Hernández Uribe, Juan Pablo San Martin, María C Garcia-Alegre, Matilde Santos and Domingo Guinea

Liquid Temperature Measurements Using Two Different Tunable Hollow Prisms
Sergio Calixto, Martha Rosete-Aguilar and Ismael Torres-Gomez

Urban Natural Environment Analysis through Deep Learning Techniques on Automatically Acquired Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Marco A Moreno-Armendáriz, Hiram Calvo, Carlos A Duchanoy, Anayantzin P López-Juárez, Israel A Vargas-Monroy and Miguel Santiago Suarez-Castañon

Fuzzy Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filter for Integrated Navigation Systems
Chien-Hao Tseng, Sheng-Fuu Lin and Dah-Jing Jwo

White-Hat Worm to Fight Malware and Its Simulation Evaluation by Agent-Oriented Petri Nets
Shingo Yamaguchi

Fluorescence Characteristics and Lifetime Images of Photosensitizers of Talaporfin Sodium and Sodium Pheophorbide a in Normal and Cancer Cells
Kamlesh Awasthi, Kazuhito Yamamoto, Kazunari Furuya, Takakazu Nakabayashi, Liming Li and Nobuhiro Ohta

Damage Detection and Identification in Jacket-Type Support Structures via Deep Learning and Accelerometer Sensors Data
Bryan Puruncajas, Yolanda Vidal and Christian Tutivén

The Synergy of Thermally Reduced Graphene Oxide in Amperometric Urea Biosensor: Application for Medical Technologies
Julija Razumiene, Vidute Gureviciene, Ieva Sakinyte, Laurynas Rimsevicius and Valdas Laurinavicius

Monitoring of Strain and Temperature in an Open Pit Using Brillouin Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors
Chiara Lanciano and Riccardo Salvini

Observability Analysis of DVL/PS Aided INS for a Maneuvering AUV
Itzik Klein and Roee Diamant

Stray Flux Sensors Core Impact on the Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines
Pengfei Tian, Carlos A Platero, Konstantinos N Gyftakis and JM Guerrero

Development of an Acoustic System for UAV discovery and tracking employing Concurrent Neural Networks
Cătălin Dumitrescu, Marius Minea and Ilona Mădălina Costea

An Industrial Digitalization Platform for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Pumping Equipment
Michael Short and John Twiddle

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