Prime Archives in Physics


The book Prime Archives in Physics is a compilation of recent research advances across various fields of physics including experimental, computational and theoretical physics.


Editor: Ibtissem BELGACEM

ISBN: 978-81-945175-5-9

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Quantization Principles Based on the Shielding Effect and Planck’s Constant in Gravitational Fields
Hua Ma

A Reanalysis of the Theory of Interferometer Experiment Demonstrating that Michelson’s Analysis Contains an Error, Including the Boat Model Analysis, So Readmitting the Ether Presence
Ioan Has, Simona Miclaus and Aurelian Has

A Theoretical Confirmation of the Gravitation New Origin Having a Dipolar Electrical Nature with Coulomb Law Corrected
Ioan Has, Simona Miclaus and Aurelian Has

Phase Portraits of the Autonomous Duffing Single-Degree-of-Freedom Oscillator with Coulomb Dry Friction
Nikola Jakšić

Slug Frequency in Horizontal Pipeline Subject to a Sudden Contraction: State of the Art and Laboratory Testing Data
Ibtissem Belgacem and Reda Mekhlouf

Calculation of the Average Potential of a Wigner Solid
Zhang Yue

Quantum Theory of Fields and Properties of Quantum Systems
Fernand Tshizanga Mpinga

Uniform and Intense Cooling During Hardening Steel in Low Concentration of Water Polymer Solutions
Nikolai Kobasko

DC Performance Variations of SOI FinFETs with Different Silicide Thickness
Jun-Sik Yoon and Rock-Hyun Baek

The Electronic Universe and Medicine
Yon Yarn

A Role of the Conservation Laws in Evolutionary Processes and Generation of Physical Structures
L Petrova

Monitoring of Spectral Map Changes from Normal State to Superconducting State in High-TC Superconductor Films using Raman Imaging
BE Martínez-Zérega, JL González-Solís, DO Oseguera-Galindo, R Sánchez-Ruiz, IA Arana-Zamora, JI Guízar-Ruiz, JC Martínez-Espinosa, ML Pérez-Arrieta and C Falcony-Guajardo

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