Earth and its Atmosphere


The book Earth and its Atmosphere covers various aspects of atmospheric science explaining the physics and dynamics of our environment.


Editor: Liu Chenming

ISBN: 978-81-945175-8-0


An Index-Based Method for Evaluating Seismic Retrofitting Techniques. Application to a Reinforced Concrete Primary School in Huelva
Maria-Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Antonio Morales-Esteban, Percy Durand-Neyra and João MC Estêvão

Analysis of Possible Triggering Mechanisms of Severe Thunderstorms in the Tropical Central Andes of Peru, Mantaro Valley
Flores-Rojas JL, Moya-Alvarez AS, Kumar S, Martinez-Castro D, Villalobos-Puma E and Silva Y

The Generation and Propagation of Atmospheric InternalWaves Caused by Volcanic Eruptions
Peter G Baines and Selwyn Sacks

Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Geological CO2 Storage on the Hydrodynamic Field of a Reservoir
Zhaoxu Mi, Fugang Wang, Zhijie Yang, Xufeng Li, Yujie Diao, Xin Ma and Hailong Tian

A Possible Cause of the Siberian LIPs: “Collisions Aggrgation Effect” of an Aerolite Impact
Liu Chenming and Yang Demin

Diagenetic Self-Organization and Stochastic Resonance in a Model of Limestone-Marl Sequences
Ivan L’Heureux

Influence of Different Factors on Relative Air Humidity in Zaragoza, Spain
José M Cuadrat, Sergio Vicente-Serrano and Miguel A Saz

Annual Climatology of the Diurnal Cycle on the Canadian Prairies
Alan K Betts and Ahmed B Tawfik

The SeaSWIR dataset
Els Knaeps, David Doxaran, Ana Dogliotti, Bouchra Nechad, Kevin Ruddick, Dries Raymaekers and Sindy Sterckx

Evidence of Segmentation in the Iberia–Africa Plate Boundary: A Jurassic Heritage?
Manel Fernàndez, Montserrat Torne, Jaume Vergés, Emilio Casciello and Chiara Macchiavelli

Lake Nyos, a Multirisk and Vulnerability Appraisal
Mesmin Tchindjang

Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms: Evidence from Paleoclimate Data, Climate Modeling, and Modern Observations Implies that 2°C Global Warming Above the Preindustrial Level Would Be Dangerous
James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Paul Hearty, Reto Ruedy, Maxwell Kelley, Valerie Masson-Delmotte, Gary Russell, George Tselioudis, Junji Cao, Eric Rignot, Isabella Velicogna, Blair Tormey, Bailey Donovan, Evgeniya Kandiano, Karina von Schuckmann, Pushker Kharecha, Allegra N Legrande, Michael Bauer and Kwok-Wai Lo

Mapping Archaeology While Mapping an Empire: Using Historical Maps to Reconstruct Ancient Settlement Landscapes in Modern India and Pakistan
Cameron A Petrie, Hector A Orengo, Adam S Green, Joanna R Walker, Arnau Garcia, Francesc Conesa, J Robert Knox and Ravindra N Singh

Motivated for Action and Collaboration: The Abrahamic Religions and Climate Change
Jame Schaefer

Comparison of Global Observations and Trends of Total Precipitable Water Derived from Microwave Radiometers and COSMIC Radio Occultation from 2006 to 2013
Shu-peng Ho, Liang Peng, Carl Mears and Richard A Anthes

Continuous Doppler Sounding of the Ionosphere during Solar Flares
Jaroslav Chum, Jaroslav Urbář, Jan Laštovička, Miguel Angel Cabrera, Jann-Yenq Liu, Fernando Alberto Miranda Bonomi, Mariano Fagre, Jiří Fišer and Zbyšek Mošna

Formation of Multilayered Sporadic E under an Influence of Atmospheric Gravity Waves (AGWs)
Goderdzi G Didebulidze, Giorgi Dalakishvili and Maya Todua

VARMA-EGARCH Model for Air-Quality Analyses and Application in Southern Taiwan
Edward Ming-Yang Wu and Shu-Lung Kuo

Metastable States of Water Aerosols: Comparison by Experiment
Anatoly V Shavlov, Varvara A Dzhumandzhi and Alexandra A Yakovenko

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