Prime Archives in Chemistry


The book Prime Archives in Chemistry is a compilation of recent research advances across all branches of chemistry and its sub-disciplines. The book aims to cover the diverse and important aspects of Chemistry that bridge traditional disciplines within chemistry and provide insights of interest to the broader chemical community.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-08-8

Editor: Ayuk Eugene Lakem


Effective Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Surgical Wound with Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor
WKR Wong

Cannabinoids and Terpenes as Chemotaxonomic markers in Cannabis
Sytze Elzinga, Justin Fischedick, Richard Podkolinski and Jeffrey C Raber

Removal of Sulphides and Benzene in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Gasoline by Insitu Hydrogenation over NbFAPSO-5
Nchare Mominou, Lei Wang and Badohok Sarki

Quantitative Structure Toxicity Relationship (QSTR) Models for Predicting Toxicity of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Using Quantum Chemical Descriptors
Sabitu Babatunde Olasupo, Adamu Uzairu and Balarabe Sarki Sagagi

Exact Analytical Solution for Non-Stationary Linear Inverse Heat Conduction Problem for Bodies Dimensional Geometry with the Boundary Conditions on One Surface, and Also on the Two Surfaces for a Flat Body Obtained in Closed Form Recurrent
IE Lobanov

Neurophysiology of Philematology and Some Infectious Disease
HK Agyeman, J Owusu-Banahene, BK Agyeman, EO Darko, D Agyeman, C Afful, F Akuffo, KM Bonsu, S Inkoom, ET Glover, TT Akiti and F Adeku

Using Trace Metals, Peroxide, Acid and Iodine Values to Characterize Oils Bleached Using Clays from Central and Eastern Uganda
Is’harq-Zubair Mukasa-Tebandeke, Pancras John Mukasa Ssebuwufu, Steven A Nyanzi, Andreas Schumann, George W Nyakairu and Festo Lugolobi

Effects of Vegetable Oil Reused for Frying on the Liver of Albino Rats
Maduelosi Ngozi Jane, Obediah Gogo Appolos and Ogbonna Ogechi Debora

Synthesis and Characterization of New Complex Heterocyclic Ring Systems of Industrial Importance
Ayuk Eugene Lakem, Nweke Cletus Mgadiugha and Ugwu Marigoretti Ogechukwu

IR and Raman Spectra Properties of Bi2O3-ZnO-B2O3-BaO Quaternion Glass System
Feng He, Yuanyuan Zheng and Junlin Xie

Acute Toxicity (LD50) Studies Using Swiss Albino Mice and Brine Shrimp Lethality (LC50 and LC90) Determination of the Ethanol Extract of Stem Bark of Echinaceae angustifolia DC
Abdu Zakari and Dimas Kubmarawa

Evolution of Char Structure During In-Situ Biomass Tar Reforming: Importance of the Coupling Effect Among the Physical-Chemical Structure of Char-Based Catalysts
Dongdong Feng, Yu Zhang, Yijun Zhao and Shaozeng Sun

Iron Modified Natural Zeolite as Sustainable Environmental Catalysts: Correlation between Iron Speciation and Catalytic Activity in NO-Reduction
Fernando Chávez Rivas, Inocente Rodríguez-Iznaga, Gloria Berlier, Daria Tito Ferro, Beatriz Concepción-Rosabal and Vitalii Petranovskii

Conceptual DFT as a Novel Chemoinformatics Tool for Studying the Chemical Reactivity Properties of the Amatoxin Family of Fungal Peptides
Norma Flores-Holguín, Juan Frau and Daniel Glossman-Mitnik

One-Step Templated Synthesis of Chiral Organometallic Salicyloxazoline Complexes
Luo Mei, Zhang Jing Cheng, Yin Hao, Wang Cheng Ming, Morris-Natschke Susan and Kuo-Hsiung Lee

Effect of Thermal Treatment of Clayey Diatomite at Temperature Range 800-1200°C
Arianit A Reka, Blagoj Pavlovski, Egzon Ademi, Ahmed Jashari, Blazo Boev, Ivan Boev and Petre Makreski

Effect of Electronegativity on Structural, Spectrophotometric and Thermo-Chemical Properties of Fluorine and Chlorine Substituted Isoxazoles by DFT Method
Nilesh U Jadhao and Anil B Naik

The Colloidal State and the Micro-Science in the Beverage Industry: Emulsions, Foams, and Suspensions
Alice Vilela, Fernanda Cosme and Teresa Pinto

Effect of Grafted Hydroquinone on the Acid-Base Properties of Poly(acrylic acid) in the Presence of Copper (II)
Saâd Moulay and Ioana Fechete

Development of Small Molecular Proteasome Inhibitors Using a Caenorhabditis elegans Screen
Sudhir Nayak, Michela Fiaschi, Dana King, Erica R Tabakin, Lyndsay Wood and David A Hunt

A Review of the Updated Pharmacophore for the Alpha 5 GABA(A) Benzodiazepine Receptor Model
Terry Clayton, Michael M Poe, Sundari Rallapalli, Poonam Biawat, Miroslav M SaviT, James K Rowlett, George Gallos, Charles W Emala, Catherine C Kaczorowski, Douglas C Stafford, Leggy A Arnold and James M Cook

Development and Validation of a Method for the Quantification of an Alkaloid Fraction of Himatanthus lancifolius (Muell. Arg.) Woodson by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
Patrícia MSS Barros, Nádia MG de Couto, Andressa SB Silva and Wagner LR Barbosa

Construction of Multicolor Upconversion Nanotheranostic Agent for In-Situ Cooperative Photodynamic Therapy for Deep-Seated Malignant Tumors
Tongtong Hong, Yanxialei Jiang, Zihong Yue, Xinyue Song, Zonghua Wang and Shusheng Zhang

A Fast Optical Method for the Determination of Liquid Levels in Microplates
Kerstin Thurow, Norbert Stoll and Kai Ritterbusch

Direct Analysis of Low-Volatile Molecular Marker Extract from Airborne Particulate Matter Using Sensitivity Correction Method
Satoshi Irei

Thermodynamic Study of Hydrolysis Reactions in Aqueous Solution from Ab Initio Potential and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
S Tolosa, A Hidalgo and JA Sansón

Aptamer-Based Biosensor for Detection of Mycotoxins
Xiaodong Guo, Xinlin Wei, Jiarong Zhang, Matthew Saive, Marie-Laure Fauconnier and Jiaqi Wang

A SET Approach to the Interplay of Catalysts and Reactants
Ragnar Larsson

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