Prime Archives in Sustainability

Sustainable living helps in preventing the damage of ecosystem and thus provides the most important aspect of living for today’s world and future’s generation. Research studies show the increasing awareness of sustainability among the common people and is spreading through various industries. Global leaders from different countries are coming forward to lend their hand in this minute of emergency to protect our earth and showing us how a simple sustainable living can give coming generations a bright future. This book gives us prime insights into sustainability and its significance.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-1-3

Editor: Dr. Maria Helena Henriques


What are the Effects of Participation in Production Outsourcing? Evidence from Chinese Apple Farmers
Qiangqiang Zhang, Beibei Yan and Xuexi Huo

Review of the Transit Accessibility Concept A Case Study of Richmond, Virginia
Xueming (Jimmy) Chen

Nitrogen Recovery from Wastewater: Possibilities, Competition with Other Resources and Adaptation Pathways
Jan Peter van der Hoek, Rogier Duijff and Otto Reinstra

Farmers’ Adaptive Strategies in Balancing Commercial Farming and Consumption of Nutritious Foods: Case Study of Myanmar
Marion Herens, Monica Gabrielli, Bram Peters, Jan Brouwers and Diane Bosch

Geoheritage at the Equator: Revisiting Selected Geosites of São Tomé Island (Cameron Line, Central Africa)
Maria Helena Henriques and Keynesménio Neto

Plant Breeding for Harmony between Modern Agriculture Production and the Environment
João Silva Dias

Psychological Measures to Support a Shift from Individual Car Use to More Sustainable Transport Modes: The Case of Walking
Ralf Risser and Matus Sucha

Land Damage Mapping and detailed Liquefaction Potential Analysis for the Epicentral Region of 2017 Pohang Mw 5.4 Earthquake, South Korea: An Attempt towards Sustainable Land Use Planning
Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Ohsang Gwon and Young-Seog Kim

Efficiency Loss and Intensification Potential of Urban Industrial Land Use in Three Major Urban Agglomerations in China
Xiangdong Wang, Xiaoqiang Shen and Tao Pei

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