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Sustainable living helps in preventing the damage of ecosystem and thus provides the most important aspect of living for today’s world and future’s generation. Research studies show the increasing awareness of sustainability among the common people and is spreading through various industries. Global leaders from different countries are coming forward to lend their hand in this minute of emergency to protect our earth and showing us how a simple sustainable living can give coming generations a bright future. This book gives us prime insights into sustainability and its significance.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-1-3

Editor: Dr. Maria Helena Henriques


What are the Effects of Participation in Production Outsourcing? Evidence from Chinese Apple Farmers
Qiangqiang Zhang, Beibei Yan and Xuexi Huo

Review of the Transit Accessibility Concept A Case Study of Richmond, Virginia
Xueming (Jimmy) Chen

Nitrogen Recovery from Wastewater: Possibilities, Competition with Other Resources and Adaptation Pathways
Jan Peter van der Hoek, Rogier Duijff and Otto Reinstra

Farmers’ Adaptive Strategies in Balancing Commercial Farming and Consumption of Nutritious Foods: Case Study of Myanmar
Marion Herens, Monica Gabrielli, Bram Peters, Jan Brouwers and Diane Bosch

Geoheritage at the Equator: Revisiting Selected Geosites of São Tomé Island (Cameron Line, Central Africa)
Maria Helena Henriques and Keynesménio Neto

Plant Breeding for Harmony between Modern Agriculture Production and the Environment
João Silva Dias

Psychological Measures to Support a Shift from Individual Car Use to More Sustainable Transport Modes: The Case of Walking
Ralf Risser and Matus Sucha

Land Damage Mapping and detailed Liquefaction Potential Analysis for the Epicentral Region of 2017 Pohang Mw 5.4 Earthquake, South Korea: An Attempt towards Sustainable Land Use Planning
Sambit Prasanajit Naik, Ohsang Gwon and Young-Seog Kim

Efficiency Loss and Intensification Potential of Urban Industrial Land Use in Three Major Urban Agglomerations in China
Xiangdong Wang, Xiaoqiang Shen and Tao Pei

Recyclable Architecture: Prefabricated and Recyclable Typologies
Marielle Ferreira Silva, Laddu Bhagya Jayasinghe, Daniele Waldmann and Florian Hertweck

Multi-scale Evaluation of Suzhou City’s Sustainable Development Level based on the Sustainable Development Goals Framework
Weixing Lin, Changqiao Hong and Yinkang Zhou

Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: Evidence from Pakistani Listed Banks
Krisztina Szegedi, Yahya Khan and Csaba Lentner

Cross-National Study on the Perception of the Korean Wave and Cultural Hybridity in Indonesia and Malaysia Using Discourse on Social Media
Yu Lim Lee, Minji Jung, Robert Jeyakumar Nathan and Jae-Eun Chung

Evaluating Climate Change Governance Using the “Polity–Policy–Politics” Framework: A Comparative Study of China and the United States
Xiaochen Gong, Yunxia Liu and Tao Sun

The Impact of the Gender Digital Divide on Sustainable Development: Comparative Analysis between the European Union and the Maghreb
Hayet Kerras, Jorge Luis Sánchez-Navarro, Erasmo Isidro López-Becerra and María Dolores de-Miguel Gómez

The Effectiveness of Self-Sufficiency Policy: International Price Transmissions in Beef Markets
Jin Guo and Tetsuji Tanaka

The Call for Sustainable and Resilient Policies in the COVID-19 Crisis: How Can They Be Interpreted and Implemented?
Ortwin Renn

Development of a Monitoring System of CO2 Emissions in Buildings for Energy Efficiency at Local Scale
Edgar Lorenzo-Sáez, José-Vicente Oliver-Villanueva, Eloina Coll-Aliaga, Lenin-Guillermo Lemus-Zúñiga, Victoria Lerma-Arce and Antonio Reig-Fabado

Does Corporate Philanthropy Respond To Stakeholder’s Demands? Corporate Philanthropy as a Signalling Strategy
María Lourdes Arco-Castro, María Victoria Lopez-Pérez, Sara Rodriguez-Gomez and Raquel Garde-Sánchez

Teaching Ethics and Sustainability to Informatics Engineering Students, An Almost 30 Years’ Experience
Maria Jose Casan, Marc Alier and Ariadna Llorens

Evaluation of Traffic Assignment Models through Simulation
Marta Rojo

Do the Components of Obesity Affect Sustainability?
Yuval Arbel, Chaim Fialkoff, Amichai Kerner and Miryam Kerner

Sustainable Cooking Based on a 3 kW Air-Forced Multifuel Gasification Stove Using Alternative Fuels Obtained from Agricultural Wastes
Elías Hurtado Pérez, Oscar Mulumba Ilunga, David Alfonso Solar, María Cristina Moros Gómez and Paula Bastida-Molina

New Integrated Approaches to Climate Emergency Landscape Strategies: The Case of Pan-European SATURN Project
Anastasia Nikologianni, Alessandro Betta, Angelica Pianegonda, Sara Favargiotti, Kathryn Moore, Nick Grayson, Elisa Morganti, Martin Berg, Anna Ternell, Marco Ciolli, Michela Angeli, Anders M Nilsson and Alessandro Gretter

Reflecting on Partnerships of Sustainability Learning: Enacting a Lewin–Deleuze–Guattari Rhizome
Tanja Tillmanns and Alfredo Salomão Filho

Some Empirical Considerations on the Food Security of Children in Rural Area Schools
Alina Simona Tecau, Cristina Dimitriu, Nicolae Marinescu, Bianca Tescasiu and Gheorghe Epuran

Universal Adaptive Strategy Theory: A Sustainability Context for Planning and Design Applications
Bin Wen and Jon Bryan Burley

Advancing Pervious Pavements through Nomenclature, Standards, and Holistic Green Design
Charles E Sprouse III, Conrad Hoover, Olivia Obritsch and Hannah Thomazin

Cross-Sector Partnerships for Innovation and Growth: Can Creative Industries Support Traditional Sector Innovations?
Monika Klein and Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz

Key Indicators for Linguistic Action Perspective in the Last Planner® System
Luis A Salazar, Paz Arroyo and Luis F Alarcón

Quantification of PV Power and Economic Losses Due to Soiling in Qatar
Amr Zeedan, Abdulaziz Barakeh, Khaled Al-Fakhroo, Farid Touati and Antonio SP Gonzales Jr.

Evaluation of Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp and Three Halophytic Plants in Marine Aquaponic Systems under Three Salinities
Yu-Ting Chu and Paul B Brown

Modelling of the Influence of Droplet Dispersity on Droplet Vaporization in the High-Temperature Flue Gas in the Case of Combined Heating
Gintautas Miliauskas, Egidijus Puida, Robertas Poškas and Povilas Poškas

Illumination Policies for Stichococcus sp. Cultures in an Optimally Operating Lab-Scale PBR toward the Directed Photosynthetic Production of Desired Products
Paraskevi Psachoulia and Christos Chatzidoukas

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