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Prime Archives in Electronics is a compilation of research advances in applications and developments of cutting edge technologies in the field of electronics.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-22-4

Editor: Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh

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Robust Dynamic Sliding Mode Control-based PID–Super Twisting Algorithm and Disturbance Observer for Second-Order Nonlinear Systems: Application to UAVs
Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh Ha and Sung Kyung Hong

Complete Characterization of Novel MHMICs for V-Band Communication Systems
C Hannachi, D Hammou, T Djerafi, Z Ouardirhi and SO Tatu

Reliability Degradation of Resistive Switching Memory Cells due to Thermal Cross-Talk
Mohammad Shah Al-Mamun and Marius K Orlowski

Design and Implementation of an Accelerated Error Convergence Criterion for Norm Optimal Iterative Learning Controller
Saleem Riaz, Hui Lin and Muhammad Pervez Akhter

Deep Learning of Appearance Affinity for Multi-Object Tracking and Re-Identification: A Comparative View
María J Gómez-Silva, Arturo de la Escalera and José M Armingol

Human Body Communication with Head-Mounted Wearable Devices
Dairoku Muramatsu and Ken Sasaki

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