Prime Archives in Electronics


Prime Archives in Electronics is a compilation of research advances in applications and developments of cutting edge technologies in the field of electronics.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-22-4

Editor: Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh

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Robust Dynamic Sliding Mode Control-based PID–Super Twisting Algorithm and Disturbance Observer for Second-Order Nonlinear Systems: Application to UAVs
Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh Ha and Sung Kyung Hong

Complete Characterization of Novel MHMICs for V-Band Communication Systems
C Hannachi, D Hammou, T Djerafi, Z Ouardirhi and SO Tatu

Reliability Degradation of Resistive Switching Memory Cells due to Thermal Cross-Talk
Mohammad Shah Al-Mamun and Marius K Orlowski

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