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ISBN: 978-93-90014-22-4

Editor: Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh

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Robust Dynamic Sliding Mode Control-based PID–Super Twisting Algorithm and Disturbance Observer for Second-Order Nonlinear Systems: Application to UAVs
Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh Ha and Sung Kyung Hong

Complete Characterization of Novel MHMICs for V-Band Communication Systems
C Hannachi, D Hammou, T Djerafi, Z Ouardirhi and SO Tatu

Reliability Degradation of Resistive Switching Memory Cells due to Thermal Cross-Talk
Mohammad Shah Al-Mamun and Marius K Orlowski

Design and Implementation of an Accelerated Error Convergence Criterion for Norm Optimal Iterative Learning Controller
Saleem Riaz, Hui Lin and Muhammad Pervez Akhter

Deep Learning of Appearance Affinity for Multi-Object Tracking and Re-Identification: A Comparative View
María J Gómez-Silva, Arturo de la Escalera and José M Armingol

Human Body Communication with Head-Mounted Wearable Devices
Dairoku Muramatsu and Ken Sasaki

Optimal Placement and Sizing of Energy Storage System Using Power Sensitivity Analysis in Practical Stand-Alone Microgrid
Dongmin Kim, Kipo Yoon, Soo Hyoung Lee and Jung-Wook Park

Remote Eye Gaze Tracking Research: A Comparative Evaluation on Past and Recent Progress
Ibrahim Shehi Shehu, Yafei Wang, Athuman Mohamed Athuman and Xianping Fu

May Computers have Emotions? Establishing an AI Device based on Affective Computing Technologies
Hao-Chiang Koong Lin

Replica Management System in Cloud, Edge and IoT Environments Using Data Clustering Technique
Nour Mostafa, Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Samer Alabed and Zakwan Al-Arnaout

Towards Improving Security of OpenFlow SDN Controllers Using Closed Loop Approaches
Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Hassan Kanj, Nour Mostafa and Samer Alabed

OpenFlow SDN Controller Placement using Closed Loop Approaches
Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Hassan Kanj, Samer Alabed, Nour Mostafa and Khaled Safi

Blood Phantom Analysis for Bioimpedance-Based Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring
Dairoku Muramatsu

A Novel Traceback Scheme for Detecting and Tracing SYN-Flood Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Zakwan AlArnaout, Nour Mostafa, Samer Alabed, Wael Hosny Fouad Aly and Ahmed Shdefat

Assessment of the Phase-to-Ground Fault Apparent Admittance Method with Phase/Ground Boundaries to Detect Types of Electrical Faults for Protective Relays Using Signature Library and Simulated Events
Emilio C Piesciorovsky, Marissa E Morales Rodriguez

Novel Ultra-Energy-Efficient Reversible Designs of Sequential Logic Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Flip-Flop Circuits
Mohammed Alharbi, Gerard Edwards and Richard Stocker

Camera Sequence based Multi Bio Signal Estimation Algorithm for Remote Healthcare Monitoring
Mavlonbek Khomidov and Jong-Ha Lee

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