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Applied Mathematics has evolved and used widely in different sectors in the past years. Spreading the digital world is becoming proportional to the increase in the need of specialized experts in this subject. Applied Mathematics helps in solving unexpected and unseen problems with a combined knowledge of mathematical science and practical knowledge. This book gives us key advancements in Applied Mathematics in recent years.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-3-7

Editor: Dr. Kyandoghere Kyamakya

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A Universal Concept for Robust Solving of Shortest Path Problems in Dynamically Reconfigurable Graphs
Jean Chamberlain Chedjou and Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Rapid Convergence of Solution for Hybrid System with Causal Operators
Peiguang Wang, Zhifang Li and Yonghong Wu

Efficient Output Solution for Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Problem with Model-Reality Differences
Sie Long Kek, Kok Lay Teo and Mohd Ismail Abdul Aziz

Traffic Based Optimization of Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Changhua Yao, Qihui Wu and Linfang Zhou

Restoration of Natural Frequency of Cracked Cantilever Beam Using CNT Composite Patch – A Finite Element Study
Mahmoud Nadim Nahas and Mahmoud Ali Alzahrani

A Mathematical Model of the Formation of Lanes in Crowds of Pedestrians Moving in Opposite Directions
Guillermo H Goldsztein

New Mathematical Modelling of Stabilizing Pile with Pre-Stressed Tie-back Anchors
Cheng Huang and Ling-wei Kong

Application of Conjugate Gradient Approach for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problem with Model-Reality Differences
Sie Long Kek, Wah June Leong, Sy Yi Sim and Kok Lay Teo

A Novel Method for Transforming XML Documents to Time Series and Clustering Them Based on Delaunay Triangulation
Narges Shafieian

Multidimensional Time Model for Probability Cumulative Function Applied to Geometrical Predictions
Michael Fundator

What Do You Mean by “Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems”?
Raffaele Chiappinelli

Construct Validation by Hierarchical Bayesian Concept Maps An Application to the Transaction Cost Economics Theory of the Firm
Matilde Trevisani

A Thermal-Hydraulic Coolant Channel Module (CCM) for Single- and Two-Phase Flow
Alois Hoeld

Theories of Probability, Information and Graphs in Applied Geophysics
Lev V Eppelbaum

Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions among Forces with Lagged Effect
Jair Silvério dos Santos and Katia AG Azevedo

Self-Similarities of Pulmonary Arterial Tree and a New Integrated Model of Pulmonary Circulation with the Name of Fractal Phasic Perfusion (FPP) Model
Kyongyob Min

Statistical Analysis of a Competing Risks Model with Weibull Sub-Distributions
Ammar M Sarhan, Awad I El-Gohary and Ahlam H Tolba

Gain-Controlled Filter using Fuzzy Logic for Target Tracking using Radar Equipment in Difficult Tracking Conditions
Maria Simona Raboaca, Catalin Dumitrescu and Ioana Manta

Oscillation Criteria Based on a New Weighted Function for Linear Matrix Hamiltonian Systems
Yingxin Guo and Junchang Wang

New Exact Solutions for an Oldroyd-B Fluid in a Porous Medium
I Khan, M Imran and K Fakhar

The Trapezoidal Rule for Computing Cauchy Principal Value Integral on Circle
Jin Li and Yu Sang

Noise Reduction Algorithm based on Spatial Filtering in the Wavelet Domain
Maria Simona Răboacă, Cătălin Dumitrescu, Constantin Filote and Ioana Manta

On the Modeling of the Effects of COVID-19 Outbreak on the Welfare of Nigerian Citizens, Using Network Model
OC Asogwa, NM Eze, CM Eze, CI Okonkwo and CU Onwuamaeze

Settings-Free Hybrid Metaheuristic General Optimization Methods
Héctor Migallón, Akram Belazi, José-Luis Sánchez-Romero, Héctor Rico and Antonio Jimeno-Morenilla

Improving Stability Conditions for Equilibria of SIR Epidemic Model with Delay under Stochastic Perturbations
Leonid Shaikhet

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