Prime Archives in Sensors: 2nd Edition


The eBook Prime Archives in Sensors is a compilation of recent research advances in science and technology of sensors and sensing phenomena. The topics covered, but not limited to, applications of senors in healthcare and environmental monitoring, processing industries, transportation, and engineering.


Editor: Yuwen Li

ISBN: 978-93-92117-13-8


A High Accuracy Time-Reversal Based WiFi Indoor Localization Approach with a Single Antenna†
Lili Zheng, Binjie Hu and Haoxiang Chen

A Systems for Masonry Crack Monitoring, Based on RFID Sensors
Massimo Donelli

Improvement of Robot Accuracy with an Optical Tracking System
Ying Liu, Yuwen Li, Zhenghao Zhuang and Tao Song

Activity Recognition in Residential Spaces with Internet of Things Devices and Thermal Imaging
Kshirasagar Naik, Tejas Pandit, Nitin Naik and Parth Shah

A Comparative Study on Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Copper Recovery Quality Prediction in a Leaching Process
Victor Flores and Claudio Leiva

Busy Hands, Busy Minds: How In-Vehicle Behaviors Affect Drivers’ Choice of Interaction Input
Aya Ataya, Won Kim, Ahmed Elsharkawy and Seung Jun Kim

A Mobile Device for Monitoring the Biological Purity of Air and Liquid Samples
Tomasz Sikora, Karolina Morawska and Wiesław Lisowski

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Cyclic Plasticity of Mild Steel
Dragoslav Sumarac, Petar Knezevic, Cemal Dolicanin and Maosen Cao

Use of Multi-Agent Theory to Resolve Complex Indoor Air Quality Control Problems
Shang-Yuan Chen and Cheng-Yen Chen

Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Protein Detection
Adi Hendler-Neumark and Gili Bisker

Audio Guide for Visually Impaired People Based on Combination of Stereo Vision and Musical Tones
Walter CSS Simões, Yuri MLR Silva, José Luiz de S Pio, Nasser Jazdi and Vicente F de Lucena Jr.

Automatic Detection of K-Complexes using Deep Neural Networks with EEG Signals
Catalin Dumitrescu

Brain–Computer Interface Using Non-Invasive Motor Imagery and Machine Learning
Catalin Dumitrescu

Photonic Sensors
José Miguel López-Higuera

SDFormer: A Novel Transformer Neural Network for Structural Damage Identification by Segmenting the Strain Field Map
Chengxing Yang, Zhaoyang Li, Ping Xu and Jie Xing

Polymer Ring Resonator with a Partially Tapered Waveguide for Biomedical Sensing: Computational Study
Tayebeh Sahraeibelverdi, L Jay Guo, Hadi Veladi and Mazdak Rad Malekshahi

A Novel Method to Inspect 3D Ball Joint Socket Products Using 2D Convolutional Neural Network with Spatial and Channel Attention
Bekhzod Mustafaev and Eung Soo Kim

Using Machine Learning for Dynamic Authentication in Telehealth: A Tutorial
Mehdi Hazratifard, Fayez Gebali and Mohammad Mamun

Study on a Fault Mitigation Scheme for Rub-Impact of an Aero-Engine Based on NiTi Wires
Qiang Pan, Tian He, Wendong Liu, Xiaofeng Liu and Haibing Chen

Substrateless Packaging for a D-Band MMIC Based on a Waveguide with a Glide-Symmetric EBG Hole Configuration
Weihua Yu, Abbas Vosoogh, Bowu Wang and Zhongxia Simon He

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