Entropy: Theory and New Insights


The book Entropy: Theory and New Insights covers the development and applications of entropy in the areas that include but limited to Information Theory, Complex Systems, Physics and Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Computing.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-12-5
Editor: Ricardo Beltran-Chacon


Design and Analysis of the Domestic Micro-Cogeneration Potential for an ORC System Adapted to a Solar Domestic Hot Water System
Daniel Leal-Chavez, Ricardo Beltran-Chacon, Paola Cardenas-Terrazas, Saúl Islas and Nicolás Velázquez

Information Across the Ecological Hierarchy
Robert E Ulanowicz

Role of Waste Cost in Theromeconomic Analysis and Impact of the Waste on Environment
Cuneyt Uysal and Ho-Young Kwak

Entropy Associated with Information Storage and Its Retrieval
Abu Mohamed Alhasan

Graph Entropy Associated with Multilevel Atomic Excitation†
Abu Mohamed Alhasan

On the System Entropy of Biological Networks
Bor-Sen Chen

Condensation: Passenger Not Driver in Atmospheric Thermodynamics
Jack Denur

An Entropy-Assisted Shielding Function in DDES Formulation for the SST Turbulence Model
Ling Zhou, Rui Zhao and Xiao-Pan Shi

Effect of Self-Oscillation on Escape Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Open Systems
Minggen Li and Jingdong Bao

Hypothesis Tests for Bernoulli Experiments: Ordering the Sample Space by Bayes Factors and Using Adaptive Significance Levels for Decisions
Carlos A de B Pereira, Eduardo Y Nakano, Victor Fossaluza, Luís Gustavo Esteves, Mark A
Gannon and Adriano Polpo

The Relativistic Boltzmann Equation and Two Times
LP Horwitz

Security Notions of Secret Sharing Schemes via Different Information Measures
LP Horwitz

Control of Pumps of Water Supply Network under Hydraulic and Energy Optimisation Using Artificial Intelligence
Jan Studziński and Andrzej Ziółkowski

Sentiment Polarity in Tweets using Optimized Ensemble Classification
Consuelo V García-Mendoza, Omar J Gambino, Miguel G Villarreal-Cervantes and Hiram Calvo

A Review of Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for High-Speed Trains: Qualitative Approaches
Chao Cheng, Jiuhe Wang, Hongtian Chen, Zhiwen Chen, Hao Luo and Pu Xie

Elderly Falling Distinguish with Empirical Mode Decomposition-Derived Entropy Features
Li-Wei Chou, Kang-Ming Chang, Yi-Chun Wei and Mei-Kuei Lu

Entropy Valuation of Option: Using Option-implied Information
Xisheng Yu

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