Prime Archives in Polymer Technology: 2nd Edition


Prime Archives in Polymer Technology is an open-access eBook compiling recent research and review works in developments of polymeric materials, product design, manufacture, and processing.


Editors: Alexandru Vasile Rusu and Monica Trif

ISBN: 978-93-92117-31-2


Temperature Effect of Water Coagulation Bath on Chitin Fiber Prepared through Wet-Spinning Process
Khoa Dang Nguyen

Designing of Green Plasticizers and Assessment of the Effectiveness of Their Use
Aliya K Mazitova, Guliya K Aminova and Irina N Vikhareva

Enhancing Weathering Resistance of Wood-A Review
Vlatka Jirouš-Rajković and Josip Miklečić

Polytetrafluoroethylene Films in Rigid Polyurethane Foams’ Dielectric Permittivity Measurements with a One-Side Access Capacitive Sensor
Ilze Beverte, Ugis Cabulis and Sergejs Gaidukovs

Hydrogel Droplet Microarray for Genotyping Antimicrobial Resistance Determinants in Neisseria gonorrhoeae Isolates
Boris Shaskolskiy, Ilya Kandinov, Dmitry Kravtsov, Alexandra Vinokurova, Sofya Gorshkova, Marina Filippova, Alexey Kubanov, Victoria Solomka, Dmitry Deryabin, Ekaterina Dementieva and Dmitry Gryadunov

Assessment of Extremely Cold Subarctic Climate Environment Destruction of the Basalt Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (BFRE) Rebar Using Its Moisture Uptake Kinetics
Anatoly K Kychkin, Anna A Gavrilieva, Alina A Vasilieva, Aisen A Kychkin, Mikhail P Lebedev and Anastasia V Sivtseva

Experimental Study on Reducing the Heat of Curing Reaction of Polyurethane Polymer Grouting Material
Bei Zhang, Baolin Wang, Yanhui Zhong, Shuangjie Wang, Xiaolong Li and Lei Wang

Modern Dimensional Analysis Involved in Polymers Additive Manufacturing Optimization
Zsolt Asztalos, Ioan Száva, Sorin Vlase and Renáta-Ildikó Száva

Prediction and Optimization of Process Parameters for Composite Thermoforming Using a Machine Learning Approach
Long Bin Tan and Nguyen Dang Phuc Nhat

The Residual Compressive Strength of the Composite Laminates after Low Velocity On-Edge Impact Damage
Wenjun Xu, Longquan Liu and Wu Xu

Synthesis, Characterization, and Potential Application of Cyclodextrin-Based Polyrotaxanes for Reinforced Atelocollagen Threads
Riku Kubota and Ichiro Fujimoto

Chromophores’ Contribution to Color Changes of Thermally Modified Tropical Wood Species
Tereza Jurczyková, Ondřej Šárovec, František Kačík, Kateřina Hájková, Tomáš Jurczyk and Richard Hrčka

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