Advances in Energy Research


The book Advances in Energy Research is a compilation of cross-disciplinary research advances relating to technology development, engineering, policy, and management.


Editors: Phattara Khumprom and Mladen Bošnjaković

ISBN: 978-81-945175-4-2


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Decomposition-Coordination Model and Algorithm for Parallel Calculation of Power System State Estimation Problem
Mashauri Adam Kusekwa

The Dynamic Analysis of China’s Agricultural Economic Growth
Wu Mingran, Zhao Min and Wu Zhaodan

Multi-Objective Dynamic Economic Dispatch with Cubic Cost Functions
Moses Peter Musau, Nicodemus Odero Abungu and Cyrus Wabuge Wekesa

Development of the Theory of Chain Reactions and Analysis of Relatively Recently Studied Chain Processes
Khagani Farzulla Mammadov

The Influence of Biocatalytic Plant Extracts on Biogas Production from Kitchen Wastes at Cryo-mesophilic Temperature Regimes
Bakari Chaka, Aloys Osano, Justin Maghanga and Martin Magu

Hydropower Plants Frequency Regulation Depending on Upper Reservoir Water Level
Carlos A Platero, José A Sánchez, Christophe Nicolet and Philippe Allenbach

A Comprehensive Review on Biomass Gasification Modified Equilibrium Models
Sérgio Ferreira, Eliseu Monteiro, Paulo Brito and Cândida Vilarinho

Analytical Methods to Estimate the Thermal Transmittance of LSF Walls Calculation Procedures Review and Accuracy Comparison
Paulo Santos, Gabriela Lemes and Diogo Mateus

Comparison of Local Volt/var Control Strategies for PV Hosting Capacity Enhancement of Low Voltage Feeders
Daniel-Leon Schultis

Improving Energy Efficiency in a Synchronized Road-Transportation System by Using a TFMC (Transportation Fleet-Management Control) in Finland
Teijo Palander and Kalle Kärhä

A Data-Driven Predictive Prognostic Model for Lithium-ion Batteries based on a Deep Learning Algorithm
Phattara Khumprom and Nita Yodo

Application of the Impedance Spectroscopy as a New Tool for Studying Biodiesel Fuel Aging Processes
Krzysztof Biernat, Piotr Bocian, Paweł Bukrejewski and Krzysztof R Noworyta

A Comparative Energy and Economic Analysis between a Low Enthalpy Geothermal Design and Gas, Diesel and Biomass Technologies for a HVAC System Installed in an Office Building
José Ignacio Villarino, Alberto Villarino, I de Arteaga, Roberto Quinteros and Alejandro Alañón

Reactive Power Compensation with PV Inverters for System Loss Reduction
Saša Vlahinić, Dubravko Franković, Vitomir Komen and Anamarija Antonić

Novel Conceptual Architecture for the Next-Generation Electricity Markets to Enhance a Large Penetration of Renewable Energy
Javier Rodríguez-García, David Ribó-Pérez, Carlos Álvarez-Bel and Elisa Peñalvo-López

Thermodynamic and Environmental Feasibility Analysis of Cogeneration Units Powered by Biomass with a View to Exporting Electricity
João Paulo Guerra, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Alex Nogueira and Luiz Kulay

Characterization of Narrowband Noise and Channel Capacity for Powerline Communication in France
Imène Elfeki, Sébastien Jacques, Ismail Aouichak, Thierry Doligez, Yves Raingeaud and Jean-Charles Le Bunetel

Coordinated Voltage Control in Distribution Network with the Presence of DGs and Variable Loads Using Pareto and Fuzzy Logic
José Raúl Castro, Maarouf Saad, Serge Lefebvre, Dalal Asber and Laurent Lenoir

System Identification and Resonant Control of Thermoacoustic Engines for Amplified Solar Power
Boe-Shong Hong and Tsu-Yu Lin

Optimization of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Vehicles with Dynamic On-off Power Loads Using a Nested Formulation
Jiajun Liu, Huachao Dong, Tianxu Jin, Li Liu, Babak Manouchehrinia and Zuomin Dong

The Effect of Control Strategy on Tidal Stream Turbine Performance in Laboratory and Field Experiments
Carwyn Frost, Ian Benson, Penny Jeffcoate, Björn Elsäßer and Trevor Whittaker

A Recursive Least Squares Method with Double-Parameter for Online Estimation of Electric Meter Errors
Xiangyu Kong, Yuying Ma, Xin Zhao, Ye Li and Yongxing Teng

Methane Aromatization in a Fluidized Bed Reactor: Parametric Study
Javier Lasobras, Jaime Soler, Javier Herguido, Miguel Menéndez, Alonso Jimenez, Mariana da Silva, María J Franco, Izaskun Barrio and Jesús Làzaro

Optimization in the Stripping Process of CO2 Gas Using Mixed Amines
Pao Chi Chen and Yan-Lin Lai

How Big Is an Error in the Analytical Calculation of Annular Fin Efficiency?
Mladen Bošnjaković, Simon Muhič, Ante Čikić and Marija Živić

The Requisite to Avoid Risk of Probable Building Collapse in Nigeria
Nnadi Ejiofor

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