Prime Archives in Physiology


The book Prime Archives in Physiology is a compilation of recent research advances covering the physiology of living systems, from the subcellular and molecular domains to the intact organism, and its interaction with the environment and its role in health and disease.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-06-4

Editor: Przemyslaw Waliszewski

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Muscle-Tendon Interaction during Human Dolphin-Kick Swimming
Kanae Sano, Takumi Sakamoto, Ryoma Nishimura, Yoshito Danno, Paavo V Komi and Masaki Ishikawa

A Model of Chronic Exposure to Unpredictable Mild Socio-Environmental Stressors Replicates Some Spaceflight-Induced Immunological Changes
Fanny Gaignier, Christine Legrand-Frossi, Emilien Stragier, Julianne Mathiot, Jean-Louis Merlin, Charles Cohen-Salmon, Laurence Lanfumey and Jean-Pol Frippiat

The Quantitative Criteria Based on the Fractal Dimensions, Entropy, and Lacunarity for the Spatial Distribution of Cancer Cell Nuclei Enable Identification of Low or High Aggressive Prostate Carcinomas
Przemyslaw Waliszewski

Role of H-Ras/ERK Signaling in Carbon Nanotube-Induced Neoplastic-Like Transformation of Human Mesothelial Cells
Warangkana Lohcharoenkal, Liying Wang, Todd A Stueckle, Jino Park, William Tse, Cerasela-Zoica Dinu and Yon Rojanasakul

Severe Calorie Restriction Reduces Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Protects Rat Hearts from Ischemia/ Reperfusion Injury
Dirceu S Melo, Liliane V Costa-Pereira, Carina S Santos, Bruno F Mendes, Karine B Costa, Cynthia Fernandes F Santos, Etel Rocha-Vieira, Flávio C Magalhães, Elizabethe A Esteves, Anderson J Ferreira, Sílvia Guatimosim and Marco F Dias-Peixoto

Influence of Time-of-Day on Maximal Exercise Capacity Is Related to Daily Thermal Balance but Not to Induced Neuronal Activity in Rats
Frederico Sander Mansur Machado, Daniela Rocha Costa Fóscolo, Maristela Oliveira Poletini and Cândido Celso Coimbra

The Role of Pannexin Hemichannels in Inflammation and Regeneration
Helen P Makarenkova and Valery I Shestopalov

Massage Alleviates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after Strenuous Exercise: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Jianmin Guo, Linjin Li, Yuxiang Gong, Rong Zhu, Jiake Xu, Jun Zou and Xi Chen

Modulation of the Plasma Kallikrein-Kinin System Proteins Performed by Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans
Guacyara Motta and Ivarne LS Tersariol

Kidney Ischemia / Reperfusion Injury Induces Changes in the Drug Transporter Expression at the Blood-Brain Barrier In Vivo and In Vitro
Malgorzata Burek, Sandra Burmester, Ellaine Salvador, Kerstin Möller-Ehrlich, Reinhard Schneider, Norbert Roewer, Michiaki Nagai and Carola Y Förster

Kr-h1, a Cornerstone Gene in Insect Life History
Qianyu He and Yuanxi Zhang

The Mechanical Properties of in Situ Canine Skeletal Muscle
PD Allen and JK Barclay

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