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The book Prime Archives in Physical Sciences is a compilation of recent research advances covering all areas of physical sciences that include applied, theoretical, and experimental.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-19-4

Editor: Vishnu Gopal

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Experiment and numerical analysis on temporal stability of a bitter-like HTS magnet excited by MPFM
Xi Yuan, Yinshun Wang, Yueyin Wang, Yukai Qiao, Changtao Kan and Wei Pi

Understanding the Multi-Mass Model and Sound Generation of Vocal Fold Oscillation
Myung-cheol Park

Evaluation of Covalency of Ions in Lead-Free Perovskite-Type Dielectric Oxides
Naohisa Takesue, Kazuya Ishibashi and Kazuki Asakura

Canonical Scattering Coefficients Upward Recursion Algorithm for Multilayered Sphere or Long Cylinder with Large Size Parameters
Nir Shiloah

Modelling of Current-Voltage Characteristics of Infrared Photo-Detectors Based on Type – II InAs/GaSb Super-Lattice Diodes with Unipolar Blocking Layers
Vishnu Gopal, Nutan Gautam, Elena Plis and Sanjay Krishna

Precise ab initio Calculations of the 3D Transition-Metal Clusters: Sc2
Ilya G Kaplan and Ulises Miranda

Analytical Determination of the Constitutive Behavior from Micro-Pillar Testing: Application to a Tempered Martensitic Steel
N Ilchuk, P Spätig and HP Seifert

High-Order Accurate and High-Speed Calculation System of 1D Laplace and Poisson Equations Using the Interpolation Finite Difference Method
Tsugio Fukuchi

The Confinement Effect in Spherical Inhomogeneous Quantum Dots and Stability of Excitons
F Benhaddou, I Zorkani and A Jorio

Using Artificial Magnetic Conductors to Improve the Efficiency of Wireless Power Transfer
Taixia Shi, Lijuan Dong, Yongqiang Chen, Yong Sun, Yanhong Liu, Fusheng Deng, Lixiang Liu and Yunlong Shi

Dynamics of the Director Reorientation and Light Modulation in Helix-Free Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Alexander Andreev, Tatiana Andreeva, Igor Kompanets, Sofia Torgova and Nikolay Zalyapin

Spectral Measurements of Inductively Coupled and M = +1, −1 Helicon Discharge Modes of the Constructed Plasma Source
Mohammadreza Khoshhal, Morteza Habibi and Rod Boswell

Impact of Pre–Exponential Factor and Internal Energy Change in Viscoelastic Fluid
T Salahuddin, Nazim Siddique, Maryam Arshad and I Tlili

Optical Solitons and Vortices in Fractional Media: A Mini-Review of Recent Results
Boris A Malomed

Experimentally Investigating the Performance Degradations of the CMOS PA at Different Temperatures
Shaohua Zhou, Zhao He and Meining Nie

Investigation of Optical Cavity Dynamics with Raman and Ytterbium-Doped Gain Media Integration
Efrain Mejia-Beltran and Oscar J Ballesteros-Llanos

Optimal Orientation Angle Configuration of Polarizers Exists in a 3 × 3 Mueller Matrix Polarimeter
Hanyue Wei, Yifu Zhou, Feiya Ma and Liyong Ren

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