Water: Ecology and Management

The book Water: Ecology and Management is a compilation of recent research advances in the science and technology of water quality and its management across the world. The broad outline of the book includes topics such as water resources management, quality monitoring, and assessment, Treatment processes, groundwater remediation, Water-ecosystems, and Socio-economic studies.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-2-0


Editor: Dr. Tewodros Tena

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Hydrological Modelling and Water Resources Assessment of Chongwe River Catchment using WEAP Model
Tewodros M Tena, Phenny Mwaanga and Alick Nguvulu

The Application of a Modified Version of the SWAT Model at the Daily Temporal Scale and the Hydrological Response unit Spatial Scale A Case Study Covering an Irrigation District in the Hei River Basin
Zheng Wei, Baozhong Zhang, Yu Liu and Di Xu

Simple and Low-Cost Procedure for Monthly and Yearly Streamflow Forecasts during the Current Hydrological Year
Fernando Delgado-Ramos and Carmen Hervás-Gámez

Implications of Groundwater Depletion for Aquifer Geomatrix Deformation and Water Availability
Juana P Moiwo, Yahaya K Kawa, John P Kaisam, Alhaji M H Conteh

Aspects on Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Sludge, Some Aspects on its Sustainability and Possible Enhancements
Stig Morling

Economic Risks of Marine Vessel accidents in Nigeria
Nwokedi Theophilus Chinonyerem, Ibe Calistus, Okeudo Geraldine and Moses Ntor-Ue

A Continuous Drought Risk Monitoring System, CDRMS, Based on Copulas
JDA Pontes Filho, MM Portela, TMC Studart and FA Souza Filho

A Study of the Distribution of Daphnia Obtusa and Simocephalus vetulus in Response to Varying Environmental Conditions Using Field and Microcosm Approaches
Jong-Yun Choi and Seong-Ki Kim

Charge Neutralization Mechanism Efficiency in Water with High Color Turbidity Ratio Using Aluminium Sulfate and Flocculation Index
Dafne Cruz, Marcio Pimentel, Ana Russo and Wilson Cabral

Sustainable Irrigation Using Non-Conventional Resources: What has Happened after 30 Years Regarding Boron Phytotoxicity?
Vanessa Mendoza-Grimón, Juan Ramón Fernández-Vera, Jose Manuel Hernández-Moreno and María del Pino Palacios-Díaz

Water Scarcity in Cyprus: A Review and Call for Integrated Policy
Anastasia Sofroniou and Steven Bishop

Reactive Barriers for Renaturalization of Reclaimed Water during Soil Aquifer Treatment
Cristina Valhondo, Jesús Carrera, Lurdes Martínez-Landa, Jingjing Wang, Stefano Amalfitano, Caterina Levantesi and M Silvia Diaz-Cruz

Governing Non-Potable Water-reuse to Alleviate Water Stress: the Case of Sabadell, Spain
Šteflová M, Koop SHA, Elelman R, Vinyoles J and Van Leeuwen CJ

Towards the Removal of Antibiotics Detected in Wastewaters in the POCTEFA Territory: Occurrence and TiO2 Photocatalytic Pilot-Scale Plant Performance
Samuel Moles, Rosa Mosteo, Jairo Gómez, Joanna Szpunar, Sebastiano Gozzo, Juan R Castillo and María P Ormad

Some Aspects of Turbulent Mixing of Jets in the Marine Environment
Michele Mossa and Peter A Davies

Effect of Angle between Pier and Center of River Flow on Local Scouring around the Bridge Pier
Takuma Kadono, Shinichiro Okazaki, Yoshihiro Kabeyama and Toshinori Matsui

Tracing NAPL Contamination of Groundwater Using Natural Radon: A Case-Study in Roma (Central Italy)
Martina Mattia, Paola Tuccimei, Michele Soligo, Claudio Carusi and Manuela Portaro

AIN based MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) Hydrophone Sensors for IoT Water Leakage Detection System
Wee Kee Phua, Sarbudeen Mohamed Rabeek, Beibei Han, Edwin Njihof, Tyler Tianlu Huang, Kevin Tshun Chuan Chai, Jason Hock Huat Yeo and Soon Thor Lim

Modeling Management and Climate Change Impacts on Water Pollution by Heavy Metals in the Nizhnekamskoe Reservoir Watershed
Yury Motovilov and Tatiana Fashchevskaya

Dynamic Water-Level Regulation at Run-of-River Hydropower Plants to Increase Efficiency and Generation
Stephan Heimerl and Niklas Schwiersch

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