Prime Archives in Molecular Biology: 2nd Edition


The book Prime Archives in Molecular Biology is a compilation of recent research advances across molecular, cell and computational biology. The book aims to cover the diverse and important aspects of Molecular Biology that provide mechanistic and functional insights to address challenging biological questions.



Editor: Sahar Esfandyari

ISBN: 978-81-953047-6-9


Mesenchymal Stem Cells as a Bio Organ for Treatment of Female Infertility
Sahar Esfandyari, Rishi Man Chugh, Hang-soo Park, Elie Hobeika, Mara Ulin and Ayman Al-Hendy

Elevated Concentrations of SERPINE2/Protease Nexin-1 and Secretory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor in the Serum of Patients with Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Tomasz Stępień, Mateusz Brożyna, Krzysztof Kuzdak, Ewelina Motylewska, Jan Komorowski, Henryk Stępień and Hanna Ławnicka

Cell-Type Targeted NF-kappaB Inhibition for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases
Bettina Sehnert, Harald Burkhardt, Stefan Dübel and Reinhard E Voll

Fish Farmers’ Perception of Ecosystem Services and Diversification of Carp Pond Aquaculture: A Case Study from Warmia and Mazury, Poland
Konrad Turkowski

Histotopographic Features of CD38-Positive Mast Cells
Dmitri Atiakshin, Andrey Kostin, Vera Samoilova, Igor Buchwalow and Markus Tiemann

Human rDNA and Cancer
Evgeny Smirnov, Nikola Chmúrčiaková and Dušan Cmarko

Spatial Manipulation of Particles and Cells at Micro- and Nanoscale via Magnetic Forces
Larissa V Panina, Anastasiya Gurevich, Anna Beklemisheva, Alexander Omelyanchik, Kateryna Levada and Valeria Rodionova

Neisseria gonorrhoeae Multivalent Maxibody with a Broad Spectrum of Strain Specificity and Sensitivity for Gonorrhea Diagnosis
Jieun Jeong, Jae-Seok Kim, Junghyeon Lee, Yu Ri Seo, Eugene C Yi and Kristine M Kim

Modeling Movement Disorders via Generation of hiPSC-Derived Motor Neurons
Masuma Akter and Baojin Ding

Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Cardiac Dysfunction in Transgenic Mice with Viral Myocarditis
Matthias Rohrbeck, Verena Hoerr, Ilaria Piccini, Boris Greber, Jan Sebastian Schulte, Sara-Sophie Hübner, Elena Jeworutzki, Carsten Theiss, Veronika Matschke, Jörg Stypmann, Andreas Unger, Huyen Tran Ho, Paul Disse, Nathalie Strutz-Seebohm, Cornelius Faber, Frank Ulrich Müller, Stephan Ludwig, Ursula Rescher, Wolfgang A Linke, Karin Klingel, Karin Busch, Stefan Peischard and Guiscard Seebohm

The First Transcriptomic Atlas of the Adult Lacrimal Gland Reveals Epithelial Complexity and Identifies Novel Progenitor Cells in Mice
Vanessa Delcroix, Olivier Mauduit, Hyun Soo Lee, Anastasiia Ivanova, Takeshi Umazume, Sarah M Knox, Cintia S de Paiva, Darlene A Dartt and Helen P Makarenkova

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