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The book Prime Archives in Nutrition covers advances in nutrition research and science with a focus on new technologies having application to enhance human well-being.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-13-2

Editor: Eloy A Zepeda-Carrillo

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Interactions between DRD2ANKK1 Taq IA and Nutrients influence Triglyceride concentration in diabetic patients from western Mexico
Omar Ramos-Lopez, Roberto Mejia-Godoy, Kevin J Frías-Delgadillo, Rafael Torres-Valadez, Aurelio Flores-García, Sergio Sánchez-Enríquez, Pedro Aguiar-García, Erika Martínez-López and Eloy A Zepeda-Carrillo

Taste Perception of Nutrients Found in Nutritional Supplements: A Review
Thomas Delompré, Elisabeth Guichard, Loïc Briand and Christian Salles

ß-Hydroxy-ß-Methyl-Butyrate Supplementation after Liver Transplantation: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study
Barbara Lattanzi, Carlina Albanese, Gianluca Mennini, Daria D’Ambrosio, Stefano Ginanni Corradini, Massimo Rossi and Manuela Merli

Household Food Insecurity as a Predictor of Stunted Children and Overweight/ Obese Mothers (SCOWT) in Urban Indonesia
Trias Mahmudiono, Triska Susila Nindya, Dini Ririn Andrias, Hario Megatsari and Richard R Rosenkranz

Eating Behaviour Predicts Weight Loss Six Months after Bariatric Surgery: A Longitudinal Study
Kavitha Subramaniam, Wah-Yun Low, Peng-Choong Lau, Kin-Fah Chin, Karuthan Chinna, Nik Ritza Kosai, Mustafa Mohammed Taher and Reynu Rajan

Concept, Etiology and Current Diagnostic and Treatment Approaches of Histamine Intolerance: A Review
Oriol Comas-Basté, Sònia Sánchez-Pérez, Maria Teresa Veciana-Nogués, Mariluz Latorre-Moratalla and María del Carmen Vidal-Carou

Effects of Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid on Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Mice Induced by Choline-Deficient, L-Amino Acid-Defined, High-Fat Diet
Erdenetsogt Dungubat Shiori Watabe, Arisa Togashi-Kumagai, Masato Watanabe, Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Naoki Harada, Ryoichi Yamaji, Toshio Fukusato, Galtsog Lodon, Badamjav Sevjid and Yoshihisa Takahashi

The Intake of Extremely Low Minerals and Bacteria Consumable Saccharides Secured Safety and Persistent of 7-14 Days Prolonged Total Dietary Deprivation Regimen
Xiaoxue Wang, Yancong Zhao, Yaying Yu, Yi Chen, Chenguang Niu, Qiannan Wei, Hongxia Xu, Xinxin Liu, Chenlu Zhang, Xia Zheng, Chenggang Zhang and Garrick D Lee

Most Effective Combination of Nutraceuticals for Improved Memory and Cognitive Performance in the House Cricket, Acheta domesticus
Samskruthi Madireddy and Sahithi Madireddy

Diabetes-Specific Nutrition Formulas in the Management of Patients with Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk
Jeffrey I Mechanick, Albert Marchetti, Refaat Hegazi and Osama Hamdy

The Dual Role of Vitamin K2 in “Bone-Vascular Crosstalk”: Opposite Effects on Bone Loss and Vascular Calcification
Domitilla Mandatori, Letizia Pelusi, Valeria Schiavone, Caterina Pipino, Natalia Di Pietro and Assunta Pandolfi

Food and Food Groups in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): The Design of the Groningen Anti-Inflammatory Diet (GrAID)
Marjo JE Campmans-Kuijpers and Gerard Dijkstra

Determination of the Heterogeneity of Intramuscular Fat and Visceral Adipose Tissue from Dezhou Donkey by Lipidomics and Transcriptomics Profiling
Mengmeng Li, Mingxia Zhu, Wenqiong Chai, Yonghui Wang, Yinghua Song, Baoxiu Liu, Changyun Cai, Yingzi Song, Xue Sun, Peng Xue and Changfa Wang

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