Prime Archives in Nutrition


The book Prime Archives in Nutrition covers advances in nutrition research and science with a focus on new technologies having application to enhance human well-being.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-13-2

Editor: Eloy A Zepeda-Carrillo

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Interactions between DRD2ANKK1 Taq IA and Nutrients influence Triglyceride concentration in diabetic patients from western Mexico
Omar Ramos-Lopez, Roberto Mejia-Godoy, Kevin J Frías-Delgadillo, Rafael Torres-Valadez, Aurelio Flores-García, Sergio Sánchez-Enríquez, Pedro Aguiar-García, Erika Martínez-López and Eloy A Zepeda-Carrillo

Taste Perception of Nutrients Found in Nutritional Supplements: A Review
Thomas Delompré, Elisabeth Guichard, Loïc Briand and Christian Salles

ß-Hydroxy-ß-Methyl-Butyrate Supplementation after Liver Transplantation: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study
Barbara Lattanzi, Carlina Albanese, Gianluca Mennini, Daria D’Ambrosio, Stefano Ginanni Corradini, Massimo Rossi and Manuela Merli

Household Food Insecurity as a Predictor of Stunted Children and Overweight/ Obese Mothers (SCOWT) in Urban Indonesia
Trias Mahmudiono, Triska Susila Nindya, Dini Ririn Andrias, Hario Megatsari and Richard R Rosenkranz

Eating Behaviour Predicts Weight Loss Six Months after Bariatric Surgery: A Longitudinal Study
Kavitha Subramaniam, Wah-Yun Low, Peng-Choong Lau, Kin-Fah Chin, Karuthan Chinna, Nik Ritza Kosai, Mustafa Mohammed Taher and Reynu Rajan

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