Prime Archives in Agricultural Research: Volume 2


The book Prime Archives in Agricultural Research is a compilation of recent research advances in the science and technology of crop and animal production, postharvest handling of produce, agricultural technology and developments in changing environments.


Editor: João Silva Dias

ISBN: 978-93-92117-07-7


Are The Old International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR) Base Collections Available through the Plant Treaty’s Multilateral System of Access and Benefit Sharing? A Review
Imke Thormann, Johannes MM Engels and Michael Halewood

Prospects of Cage Fish Farming in South Western Uganda
Gerald Kwikiriza, Tony Mwesigwa, Alex Barekye, Ivan Abaho, Ambrose Rwaheru Aheisibwe and Rose Mwesige

Effects of Using an Alternative Bedding Composition on the Levels of Indicator Microorganisms and Mammary Health in Dairy Farm Conditions
František Zigo, Nad’a Sasáková, Gabriela Gregová, Jana Výrostková and Silvia Ondrašovičová

A LED-Based Smart Experimental Chamber to Promote Germination and Growth of Pea and Melon Plants: Effect on the Antioxidative Metabolism
CJ Solano, JA Hernández, JR Acosta-Motos, V Becerra-Gutiérrez, P Díaz-Vivancos, J Suardíaz and G Barba-Espín

Maintaining Optimal Mammary Gland Health and Prevention of Mastitis
Frantińek Zigo, Milan Vasiľ, Silvia Ondrańovičová, Jana Výrostková, Jolanta Bujok and Ewa Pecka-Kielb

Development of Microwave Slow-Wave Comb Applicators for Soil Treatment at Frequencies 2.45 and 0.922 GHz (Theory, Design, and Experimental Study)
Graham Brodie, Yuriy Pchelnikov and Grigory Torgovnikov

Recent Advances in Cannabinoid Extraction from Hemp
Mehrab Valizadehderakhshan, Abolghasem Shahbazi, Masoud Kazem-Rostami, Matthew Scott Todd, Arnab Bhowmik and Lijun Wang

Examination of the Usage of a New Beak-Abrasive Material in Different Laying Hen Genotypes (Preliminary Results)
Tamás Péter Farkas, Attila Orbán, Sándor Szász, András Rapai, Erik Garamvölgyi and Zoltán Sütő

Techniques of Interpretation of the Foliar Analysis of the Almond Tree in Spain
Mario Ferrández-Cámara, Juan José Martínez-Nicolás, Marina Alfosea-Simón, José María Cámara-Zapata, Pablo Melgarejo Moreno and Francisco García-Sánchez

Creating Foliar Diagnosis Rules for Almond Trees (Prunus dulcis, Mill.) Grown Under Different Watering Regimes: Irrigation vs Rainfed
Mario Ferrández-Cámara, Juan J Martínez-Nicolás, José M Cámara-Zapata, Pablo Melgarejo, Juan Carlos Fernandez-Zapata, Marina Alfosea-Simón and Francisco García-Sanchez

Web-Based Integer Programming Decision Support System for Walnut Processing Planning The MeliFen Case
Carlos F Brunner-Parra, Luis A Croquevielle-Rendic, Carlos A Monardes-Concha, Bryan A Urra-Calfuñir, Elbio L Avanzini and Tomás Correa-Vial

Effect of Fertilization Rates and Cultivation Systems on Fruit Yield and Quality of Micro-Tom Tomato
Atsushi Sanada, Kalara Dissanayake, Chiharu Okada, Naoki Terada and Kaihei Koshio

Seed Germination and Seedlings’ Growth Under Treatment of Biologically and Chemically Synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
Daniela Monserrat Sánchez-Pérez, Selenne Yuridia Márquez-Guerrero, Agustina Ramírez-Moreno, Lucio Rodríguez-Sifuentes, Magdalena Galindo-Guzmán, Erika Flores-Loyola and Jolanta E. Marszalek

Effects of Climate Change and Phenological Monitoring of the Indigenous Godello Variety in a Territory of Heroic Viticulture and Biosphere Reserve
Mª Eva Fernandez-Conde, Dipti Bisarya, Liwayway Perlado Taglinao and J. Antonio Cortiñas

Beyond the Harvest: Revolutionizing Peach Quality with Modern Post-Harvest Technology and Ripening Practices
Umar Hayat, Wenqing Li, Hangling Bie, Suning Liu, Dandan Guo and Ke Cao

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