Advances in Energy Research: 4th Edition


The book Advances in Energy Research is a compilation of cross-disciplinary research advances relating to technology development, engineering, policy, and management.


Editors: Xiaolong Li and Wen Wang

ISBN: 978-93-92117-09-1


Capturing Consumers’ Awareness and the Intention to Support Carbon Neutrality through Energy Efficient Consumption
Anne Immonen and Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen

Future of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for Next-Generation Industrial Applications; Challenges and Expected Opportunities
Umair Yaqub Qazi

Advanced Technologies in New Energy Electric Vehicles
Tiande Mo, Yu Li, Kin-tak Lau, Chi Kin Poon, Yinghong Wu and Yang Luo

Cyber-Attack Research for Integrated Energy Systems by the Correlated Matrix Based Object-Oriented Modeling Method
Heqin Tong, Jianbing Xu, Xiao Li and Liquan Zhang

Study on Hydrolysis of Magnesium Hydride by Interface Control
Heqin Tong, Jianbing Xu, Xiao Li and Liquan Zhang

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