Advances in Energy Research: 4th Edition


The book Advances in Energy Research is a compilation of cross-disciplinary research advances relating to technology development, engineering, policy, and management.


Editors: Xiaolong Li and Wen Wang

ISBN: 978-93-92117-09-1


Capturing Consumers’ Awareness and the Intention to Support Carbon Neutrality through Energy Efficient Consumption
Anne Immonen and Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen

Future of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for Next-Generation Industrial Applications; Challenges and Expected Opportunities
Umair Yaqub Qazi

Advanced Technologies in New Energy Electric Vehicles
Tiande Mo, Yu Li, Kin-tak Lau, Chi Kin Poon, Yinghong Wu and Yang Luo

Cyber-Attack Research for Integrated Energy Systems by the Correlated Matrix Based Object-Oriented Modeling Method
Heqin Tong, Jianbing Xu, Xiao Li and Liquan Zhang

Study on Hydrolysis of Magnesium Hydride by Interface Control
Heqin Tong, Jianbing Xu, Xiao Li and Liquan Zhang

A Brief History of District Heating and Combined Heat and Power in Denmark: Promoting Energy Efficiency, Fuel Diversification, and Energy Flexibility
Katinka Johansen

Maximum Electrical Power Extraction from Sources by Load Matching
Sigmund Singer, Shlomi Efrati, Meir Alon and Doron Shmilovitz

Reburning of Animal Waste Based Biomass with Coals for NOx Reduction, Part II: Dairy Biomass (DB) and Coal–DB Blends
Hyukjin Oh, Kalyan Annamalai, John M Sweeten and Kevin Heflin

Energy Consumption Prediction of Electric City Buses Using Multiple Linear Regression
Roman Michael Sennefelder, Rubén Martín-Clemente and Ramón González-Carvajal

Assessment and Commissioning of Electrical Substation Grid Testbed with a Real-Time Simulator and Protective Relays/Power Meters in the Loop
Emilio C Piesciorovsky, Raymond Borges Hink, Aaron Werth, Gary Hahn, Annabelle Lee and Yarom Polsky

Medium-Voltage Testbed for Comparing Advanced Power Line Sensors vs. Measurement Transformers with Electrical Grid Events
Emilio C Piesciorovsky, RJ Bruce Warmack and Yarom Polsky

Applying Johansen VECM Cointegration Approach to Propose a Forecast Model of Photovoltaic Power Output Plant in Reunion Island
Yannick Fanchette, Harry Ramenah, Camel Tanougast and Michel Benne

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