Advances in Energy Research: 2nd Edition


The book Advances in Energy Research is a compilation of cross-disciplinary research advances relating to technology development, engineering, policy, and management.


Editor: Fan Xiao


Fault Current Characteristics of the DFIG under Asymmetrical Fault Conditions
Fan Xiao, Zhe Zhang and Xianggen Yin

The Use of Gridded Model Output Statistics (GMOS) in Energy Forecasting of a Solar Car
Christiaan Oosthuizen, Barend Van Wyk, Yskandar Hamam, Dawood Desai and Yasser Alayli

New Disturbance Rejection Method for Energy Efficient Tunnel Ventilation
Liyun Si, Wenping Cao and Xiangping Chen

Solar Electric Vehicle Energy Optimization for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018
C Oosthuizen, B Van Wyk, Y Hamam, D Desai, Y Alayli and R Lot

Optical and Morphological Properties of ZnO and TiO2 Derived Nanostructures Synthesized via a Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Method
Nosipho Moloto, Siyasanga Mpelane, Lucky M Sikhwivhilu and Suprakas Sinha Ray

Reliability Impact in Optimal Sizing of Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Power Sources
Adriano Ceschia, Toufik Azib, Olivier Bethoux and Francisco Alves

Effect of Heat Source Placement on Natural Convection from Cylindrical Surfaces
Andrej Kapjor, Peter Durcansky and Martin Vantuch

Mechanical and Electrical Simulations of the Tulip Contact System
Sebastian Łapczyński, Michał Szulborski, Karol Gołota, Łukasz Kolimas and Łukasz Kozarek

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