Prime Archives in Complex Systems


The book Prime Archives in Complex Systems is a compilation of recent studies related to systems of science, mathematics and engineering with simple components but complex overall behavior.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-10-1

Editor: Jianjia Wang


Thermodynamic Entropy in Quantum Statistics for Stock Market Networks
Jianjia Wang, Chenyue Lin and Yilei Wang

Comparative Study of the Performance of Different Wind Farm Power Curve ANN Models
Sergio Velázquez, José A Carta and Ulises Portero

Event-Triggered Discrete-Time Distributed Consensus Optimization over Time-Varying Graphs
Qingguo Lü and Huaqing Li

A Language as a Self-organized Critical System
Vasilii A Gromov and Anastasia M Migrina

Observer-Based Sliding Mode Load Frequency Control of Power Systems under Deception Attack
Xinghua Liu and Siwei Qiao

A Microcluster-Based Approach for Identifying Outliers in Streaming Data
Mohamed Jaward Bah, Hongzhi Wang, Li-Hui Zhao, Ji Zhang and Jie Xiao

A Thermoelastic Piezoelectric Fixed Rod Exposed to an Axial Moving Heat Source via a Dual-Phase-Lag Model
Mahmoud Ragab, SM Abo-Dahab, Ahmed E Abouelregal and AA Kilany

Modified Least Squares Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Target Location based on Wireless Communication Base Stations
Zhaohui Zhang, Jing Li, Qian Liu

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