Prime Archives in Psychology: 2nd Edition


Prime Archives in Psychology is a compilation of research advances in developments and innovative approaches in various fields of psychology including cognition, health, and clinical psychology, developmental, social, and occupational psychology.


ISBN: 978-93-92117-32-9

Editor: Paul Raj

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Ultra-Brief Crisis IPT-A Based Intervention for Suicidal Children and Adolescents (IPT-A-SCI) Pilot Study Results
Liat Haruvi Catalan, Mira Levis Frenk, Ella Adini Spigelman, Yair Engelberg, Shira Barzilay, Laura Mufson, Alan Apter, Noa Benaroya Milshtein, Silvana Fennig and Anat Brunstein Klomek

We Copy to Join in, to Not Be Lonely”: Adolescents in Special Education Reflect on Using Dramatic Imitation in Group Dramatherapy to Enhance Relational Connection and Belonging
Amanda Musicka-Williams

COVID-19-Related Stressors and Chinese Adolescents’ Adjustment: The Moderating Role of Coping and Online Learning Satisfaction
Xiaoshan Li, Xiujuan Tang, Hou Wu, Pengyong Sun, Min Wang and Li Li

Does Resilience Help in Reducing Burnout Symptoms Among Chinese Students? A Meta-Analysis
Zhun Gong, Chunqin Li, Xinian Jiao and Qunzhen Qu

The Impact of COVID-19 Instigated Changes on Loneliness of Teachers and Motivation–Engagement of Students: A Psychological Analysis of Education Sector
Abir El Telyani, Panteha Farmanesh and Pouya Zargar

“I Just Find It Easier to Let Go of Anger”: Reflections on the Ways in Which Yoga Influences How Young People Manage Their Emotions
Ingunn Hagen, Solbjørg Skjelstad and Usha Sidana Nayar

Individual Differences in Navigation: An Introductory Overview
Chiara Meneghetti, Laura Miola, Tommaso Feraco and Veronica Muffato

Will Happiness-Trainings Make Us Happier? An Updated Research Synthesis Using an Online Findings-Archive
Ad Bergsma, Ivonne Buijt and Ruut Veenhoven

Influence of Situational Learning Combining AR and Board Games on Learning Emotion in Health Education
Hao-Chiang Koong Lin and Yu-Hsuan Lin

An Update on Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction Following Cardiac Surgery
Tony Vu and Julian A Smith

Sense of Relationship Entitlement of Aging Parents Toward Their Offspring (SRE-ao)—A New Concept and Measurement Tool
Rami Tolmacz, Lilac Lev-Ari, Rachel Bachner-Melman, Yuval Palgi, Ehud Bodner, Darya Feldman, Ron Chakir and Boaz Ben-David

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