Prime Archives in Biochemistry


The book Prime Archives in Biochemistry is a compilation of recent research advances across all of biological chemistry. The book aims to cover the diverse and important aspects of Biochemistry explaining the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes.


ISBN: 978-81-945175-1-1

Editor: Yomna Ali Moustafa Marzok Elkhateeb


Global Gene Expression Analysis in Etiolated and De-Etiolated Seedlings in Conifers
Sonali Sachin Ranade, Nicolas Delhomme and M Rosario García-Gil

Control of Fibrinolytic Drug Injection via Real-Time Ultrasonic Monitoring of Blood Coagulation
Dmitry A Ivlev, Shakhla N Shirinli, Konstantin G Guria, Svetlana G Uzlova and Georgy Th Guria

Carbonic Anhydrases in Photosynthesizing Cells of C3 Higher Plants
Lyudmila Ignatova, Natalia Rudenko, Elena Zhurikova, Maria Borisova-Mubarakshina and Boris Ivanov

Caryocar Brasiliense Oil Improves Cardiac Function by Increasing Serca2a/PLB Ratio despite No Significant Changes in Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Rats
Lidiane Guedes Oliveira, Lauane Gomes Moreno, Dirceu Sousa Melo, Liliane Vanessa Costa-Pereira, Mayara Medeiros de Freitas Carvalho, Paulo Henrique Evangelista Silva, Ana Maria Alves, Flávio de Castro Magalhães, Marco Fabrício Dias-Peixoto and Elizabethe Adriana Esteves

EPA is Cardioprotective in Male Rats Subjected to Sepsis, but ALA is Not Beneficial
Thibault Leger, Chrystèle Jouve, Isabelle Hininger-Favier, Jean-Paul Rigaudiere, Frédéric Capel, Vincent Sapin, Clarisse Moreau, Alice Charrier and Luc Demaison

Gastro-Protective and Anti-Oxidant Potential of Althaea officinalis and Solanum nigrum on Pyloric Ligation/Indomethacin-Induced Ulceration in Rats
Sameh S Zaghlool, Ali A Abo-Seif, Mohamed A Rabeh, Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen and Basim AS Messiha

Age-Dependent Decrease in Hepatic Geranylgeranoic Acid Content in C3H/HeN Mice and its Oral Supplementation Prevents Spontaneous Hepatoma
Yuki Tabata, Masahide Omori and Yoshihiro Shidoji

Paralytic Shellfish Toxins Accumulation Induces Antioxidant Responses in Tissues of Mytilus chilensis, Ameghinomya antiqua, and Concholepas concholepas during a Bloom of Alexandrium pacificum
Carlos García, Tamara Villalobos, Diego Figueroa and Oscar F Araneda

Vitamin Supplements as a Nutritional Strategy against Chronic Alcohol Consumption? An Updated Review
Cristian Sandoval, Jorge Farías, Mauricio Zamorano and Christian Herrera

The Occurrence of a Negative Energy Balance in Holstein-Friesian and Simmental Cows and Its Association with the Time of Resumption of Reproductive Activity
Krzysztof Młynek, Ilona Strączek and Beata Głowińska

The Role of Acetyl Zingerone and Its Derivatives in Inhibiting UV-Induced, Incident, and Delayed Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers
Jyoti Srivastava, Montana M Young, Vipin Kumar Yadav, Pravin R Phadatare, Thomas A Meyer, Ratan K Chaudhuri and Sanjay Premi

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