Prime Archives in Neuroscience: 2nd Edition

Prime Archives in Neuroscience is a compilation of recent advances in multidisciplinary topics relating to the nervous system.


Editors: Gesualdo M Zucco and Richard Doty

ISBN: 978-93-92117-02-2

Knockdown of Dehydrodolichyl Diphosphate Synthase in the Drosophila Retina Leads to a Unique Pattern of Retinal Degeneration
Tal Brandwine, Reut Ifrah, Tzofia Bialistoky, Rachel Zaguri, Elisheva Rhodes-Mordov, Liliana Mizrahi-Meissonnier, Dror Sharon, Vladimir L Katanaev, Offer Gerlitz and Baruch Minke

Neural Mechanisms of Visual Motion Anomalies in Autism: A Two-Decade Update and Novel Aetiology
Samuel Spiteri and David Crewther

Which Exercise Interventions Can Most Effectively Improve Reactive Balance in Older Adults? A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis
Youngwook Kim, Michael N Vakula, David AE Bolton, Christopher J Dakin, Brennan J Thompson, Timothy A Slocum, Masaru Teramoto and Eadric Bressel

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Gesualdo M Zucco and Richard L Doty

Risk Factors of Impaired Perfusion in Patients with Symptomatic Internal Carotid Artery Steno-Occlusive Disease
Xinxin Qiao, Jinfeng Duan, Nan Zhang, Yang Duan, Xinrui Wang, Yusong Pei, Zhihua Xu, Benqiang Yang, Miao Qi and Jinze Li

The link Between Senescence and Alpha-Synucleinopathy in Microglia and Astrocytes Encourages the Therapeutic Use of Senolytics in Parkinson’s Disease
Xinxin Qiao, Jinfeng Duan, Nan Zhang, Yang Duan, Xinrui Wang, Yusong Pei, Zhihua Xu, Benqiang Yang, Miao Qi and Jinze Li

Phenotypic Overlap between Atopic Dermatitis and Autism
Kyong‑Oh Shin, Debra A Crumrine, Sungeun Kim, Yerin Lee, Bogyeong Kim, Katrina Abuabara, Chaehyeong Park, Yoshikazu Uchida, Joan S Wakefield, Jason M Meyer, Sekyoo Jeong, Byeong Deog Park, Kyungho Park and Peter M Elias

The Development of Human Navigation in Middle Childhood: A Narrative Review through Methods, Terminology, and Fundamental Stages
Luca Pullano and Francesca Foti

Comprehensive Visual Electrophysiological Measurements Discover Crucial Changes Caused by Alcohol Addiction in Humans: Clinical Values in Early Prevention of Alcoholic Vision Decline
Xin Xie, Kang Feng, Juan Wang, Min Zhang, Jing Hong and Haolin Zhang

The Lateral Superior Olive in the Mouse: Two Systems of Projecting Neurons
Isabella R Williams, Anastasia Filimontseva, Catherine J Connelly and David K Ryugo

An In Vivo Accelerated Developmental Myelination Model for Testing Promyelinating Therapeutics
Karen Lariosa‑Willingham, Dmitri Leonoudakis, Timo Bragge, Laura Tolppanen, Antti Nurmi, Megan Flanagan, Janelle Gibson, David Wilson, Jennifer Stratton, Kimmo K Lehtimäki and Diana Miszczuk

Psychiatric Comorbidity: Depression in Multiple Sclerosis and Association with Vitamin D Deficiency. A Narrative Overview of the Literature
Hans Klaus Goischke

Potential Application of Ultra-Low Field Portable MRI in the ICU to Improve CT and MRI Access in Canadian Hospitals: A Multi-Center Retrospective Analysis
Omar Islam, Amy W Lin and Aditya Bharatha

Feasibility and Cost Analysis of Portable MRI Implementation in a Remote Setting in Canada
Chloe N DesRoche, Ana P Johnson, Elizabeth B Hore, Elaine Innes, Ian Silver, Donatella Tampieri, Benjamin YM Kwan, Johanna Ortiz Jimenez, J Gordon Boyd and Omar Islam

Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Synthetic Sex Hormones on Neurodevelopment: A Biological Mechanism
Marie-Odile Soyer-Gobillard, Laura Gaspari, Françoise Paris, Philippe Courtet and Charles Sultan

Toward a Holographic Brain Paradigm: A Lipid-Centric Model of Brain Functioning
Marco Cavaglià, Marco A Deriu, Jack A Tuszynski

Differential Regulation of Microglial States by Colony Stimulating Factors
E Richard Stanley, Fabrizio Biundo, Şölen Gökhan and Violeta Chitu

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