Prime Archives in Environmental Research


The book Prime Archives in Environmental Research is a compilation of novel information about Environmental Sciences and Engineering that have global relevance and applicability in a wide range of disciplines.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-18-7

Editor: Anna Strunecka


Time Series Analysis of MODIS Derived NDVI for the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, South Africa: Impact of Recent Intense Drought
Nkanyiso Mbatha and Sifiso Xulu

The Use of Wearable in Aquatic Activities
Daniel A Marinho, Jorge E Morais, Luís B Faíl and Henrique P Neiva

Chronic Fluoride Exposure and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Anna Strunecka and Otakar Strunecky

Current Effects of Cyanobacteria Toxin in Water Sources and Containers in the Hartbeespoort Dam Area, South Africa
Matodzi Michael Mokoena and Murembiwa Stanley Mukhola

Seasonal and Regional Characteristics of Aerosol Pollution in East and Southeast Asia
Makiko Nakata, Sonoyo Mukai and Masayoshi Yasumoto

Water Reuse: From Ancient to Modern Times and the Future
Andreas N Angelakis, Takashi Asano, Akissa Bahri, Blanca E Jimenez and George Tchobanoglous

Atmospheric Aerosol over Ukraine Region Current Status of Knowledge and Research Efforts
Gennadi Milinevsky and Vassyl Danylevsky

Near-surface biases in ERA5 over the Canadian Prairies
Alan K Betts, Darren Z Chan and Raymond L Desjardins

The Profitability of Cross-Cutting Practices in Butt-Rotten Picea abies Final-Felling Stands
Kalle Kärhä, Mikko Räsänen and Teijo Palander

Toxic Metals Depuration Profiles from a Population Adjacent to a Military Target Range (Vieques) and Main Island Puerto Rico
Héctor Jirau-Colón, Ashley Cosme, Víctor Marcial-Vega and Braulio Jiménez-Vélez

Oil and Gas Production Wastewater: Soil Contamination and Pollution Prevention
John Pichtel

Understanding Land–Atmosphere–Climate Coupling from the Canadian Prairie Dataset
Alan K Betts and Raymond L Desjardins

Using the DEMATEL-VIKOR Method in Dam Failure Path Identification
Yantao Zhu, Xinqiang Niu, Chongshi Gu, Dashan Yang, Qiang Sun and E Fernandez Rodriguez

Physiological Predictors of Competition Performance in CrossFit Athletes
Rafael Martínez-Gómez, Pedro L Valenzuela, Lidia B Alejo, Jaime Gil-Cabrera, Almudena Montalvo-Pérez, Eduardo Talavera, Alejandro Lucia, Susana Moral-González and David Barranco-Gil

Information is Selection-A Review of Basics Shows Substantial Potential for Improvement of Digital Information Representation
Wolfgang Orthuber

From Litter to Humus in a Norwegian Spruce Forest: Long-Term Studies on the Decomposition of Needles and Cones
Sigmund Hågvar

Physical Activity Changes and Its Risk Factors among Community-Dwelling Japanese Older Adults during the COVID-19 Epidemic: Associations with Subjective Well-Being and Health-Related Quality of Life
Yuta Suzuki, Noriaki Maeda, Daigo Hirado, Taizan Shirakawa and Yukio Urabe

Combining Morphological and Metabarcoding Approaches Reveals the Freshwater Eukaryotic Phytoplankton Community
Shouliang Huo, Xiaochuang Li, Beidou Xi, Hanxiao Zhang, Chunzi Ma and Zhuoshi He

Sports Participation in Brazil
Felipe Magno, Carla Schwengber ten Caten, Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho, Aline Marian Callegaro and Alan de Carvalho Dias Ferreira

Practical Implications of Different Phenotypic and Molecular Responses of Evergreen Conifer and Broadleaf Deciduous Forest Tree Species to Regulated Water Deficit in a Container Nursery
Piotr Robakowski, Tomasz P Wyka, Wojciech Kowalkowski, Władysław Barzdajn, Emilia Pers-Kamczyc, Artur Jankowski and Barbara Politycka

Characteristics of Microbial Factors of Healthcare-Associated Infections Including Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens and Antibiotic Consumption at the University Intensive Care Unit in Poland in the Years 2011–2018
Agnieszka Litwin, Olga Fedorowicz and Wieslawa Duszynska

Wastewater-based Epidemiology (WBE) and Viral Detection in Polluted Surface Water: A Valuable Tool for COVID-19 Surveillance – A Brief Review
Maria de Lourdes Aguiar-Oliveira, Aline Campos, Aline R Matos, Caroline Rigotto, Adriana Sotero-Martins, Paulo FP Teixeira and Marilda M Siqueira

Assessing In Vitro Biofilm-Forming Ability and Susceptibility to Food-Grade Sanitizers of Listeria Monocytogenes Isolates from a Delicatessen Food Industry
Joana Catarina Andrade, António Lopes João, Carlos de Sousa Alonso, António Salvador Barreto and Ana Rita Henriques

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