Prime Archives in Biosciences


The book Prime Archives in Biosciences is a compilation of recent research advances in biosciences. The book aims to cover diverse topics from life-saving therapies and procedures to healthier foods or cutting-edge research that sustain, restore, and improve the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-8-2

Editor: Malik Badshah


Reduction of Serotonergic Gene Expression in the Midbrain Raphe Nuclei under Positive Fighting Experience
Dmitry A Smagin, Ul’yana A Boyarskikh, Natalya P Bondar, Maxim L Filipenko and Natalia N Kudryavtseva

Revisional Cochlear Implant Surgeries in Adults
Maria Stella Arantes do Amaral, Henrique F Pauna, Eduardo T Massuda, Ana Claudia Mirândola Barbosa Reis and Miguel A Hyppolito

Vineyards Genetic Monitoring and Vernaccia di San Gimignano Wine Molecular Fingerprinting
Monica Scali, Paolucci Elisa, Bigliazzi Jacopo, Cresti Mauro and Rita Vignani

Crop Yield Response and Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Bamenda Highlands
Innocent Ndoh Mbue, Bitondo Dieudonne and Roland Balgah Azibo

Lead, Cadmium and Iron Concentrations in Zea Mays Grown Within the Vicinity of Ori-Ile Battery Waste Dumpsite, Olodo, Ibadan, Nigeria
Adedotun Onoyinka Afolayan and Amusat Titilayo Hassan

Radiation, Plant Proteins and Sustainability
Patricia YI Takinami, Vanessa B Uehara, Bruna S Teixeira and Nelida L del Mastro

The Embryonic Development of Great Ramshorn Planorbarius corneus under the Hypomagnetic Field
SS Moisa, AA Zotin and VV Tsetlin

Menadione Induces DNA Damage and Superoxide Radical Level In HEK293 Cells
Alireza Ghodsi Senejani, Joseph Matthew Magrino, Amanda Marston, Michelle Gregoire and Khoa Dang Dinh

Infestation Outbreak of the African sugarcane stalk borer Eldana saccharina W. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Sugarcane Plantations of Northern Ivory Coast: Management Strategies Under Implementation
Crépin B Péné, Mélanie Boua, Yah Coulibaly-Ouattara and François-Régis Goebel

Hazardous Effects of Electrostatic Precipitator Cement Kiln Bypass Dust Waste on both Environment and Public Human Health
HHM Darweesh

Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Phosphate and Potassium- Solubilizing Bacteria from Weathered Materials of Granite Rock Mountain, in the Mekong Delta Vietnam
Cao Ngoc Diep and Nguyen Thi Don

A New Species and a New Record of Laccaria (Fungi, Basidiomycota) Found in a Relict Forest of the Endangered Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana
Antero Ramos, Víctor M Bandala and Leticia Montoya

Haematological Changes of Half-Marathon Runners in the Sub-Saharan African Environment
MOULONGO Jean Georges André

Comparative Study of the Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Compounds Isolated from Solvent Extracts of the Roots of Securinega virosa
Justice D Amenu, David Neglo and Daniel A Abaye

Evaluation of the Haematinic Activities of Extracts of Justicia secunda Vahl Leaves in Red Blood Cells of Laboratory Rats
Ahimsa Yamoah, Reimmel K Adosraku, Justice D Amenu, Michael K Baah and Daniel A Abaye

Effects of Alendronate and Interferon-γ on Bone Cancer Cells In Vitro
Andrew W Barone, Gabriela Fernandes and Rosemary Dziak

Quality and the Physics of Biology
Peter Mansfield

The Therapeutic Effects of Dodecaborate Containing Boronophenylalanine for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy in a Rat Brain Tumor Model
Yusuke Fukuo, Yoshihide Hattori, Shinji Kawabata, Hideki Kashiwagi, Takuya Kanemitsu, Koji Takeuchi, Gen Futamura, Ryo Hiramatsu, Tsubasa Watanabe, Naonori Hu, Takushi Takata, Hiroki Tanaka, Minoru Suzuki, Shin-Ichi Miyatake, Mitsunori Kirihata and Masahiko Wanibuchi

Exofucosylation of Adipose Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Alters their Secretome Profile
David García-Bernal, Mariano García-Arranz, Ana I García-Guillén, Ana M García-Hernández, Miguel Blanquer, Damián García-Olmo, Robert Sackstein, Jose M Moraleda and Agustín G Zapata

Candida parapsilosis as a Causative Agent of Onychomycosis in Patient with Cirrhosis of the Liver
Yelena Kukhar, Ainura Smagulova, Ainash Daniyarova, Aliya Baiduissenova and Vladimir Kiyan

Secreted MicroRNA to Predict Embryo Implantation Outcome: From Research to Clinical Diagnostic Application
Wei Zhou and Evdokia Dimitriadis

Characterization of DNA Methylation and Screening of Epigenetic Markers in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Pengbo Cao, Wanting Yang, Peijun Wang, Xihe Li and Buhe Nashun

Isolation of Pseudomonas stutzeri and its application in agricultural production in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Cao Ngoc Diep and Ngo Thanh Phong

Isolation of Flocculant-Producing Bacteria in Wastewater and its Application for Wastewater Treatment in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Cao Ngoc Diep, Bui The Vinh and Huynh Van Tien

The Pleiotropic Potential of BDNF beyond Neurons: Implication for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
Maria Carmela Di Rosa, Stefania Zimbone, Miriam Wissam Saab and Marianna Flora Tomasello

The Insecticidal Activity of Neem (Azadirachataindica) Against Weevils in Stored Bambara Nuts (Vignasubterranea) and Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Mbah-Omeje Kelechi Nkechinyere

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