Prime Archives in Microbiology: 3rd Edition


The book Prime Archives in Microbiology is a compilation of recent research advances across the entire spectrum of microbiology. The book aims to cover the diverse and important aspects of microbiology in addressing current global challenges.


ISBN: 978-93-92117-53-4

Editor: Aalaa Mahgoub Albasha


Helicobacter pylori 23S rRNA Gene A2142G, A2143G, T2182C, and C2195T Mutations Associated with Clarithromycin Resistance Detected in Sudanese Patients
Aalaa Mahgoub Albasha, Maram M Elnosh, Esraa Hassan Osman, Duha M Zeinalabdin, Amira AM Fadl, Musa Abdalla Ali and Hisham N Altayb

Comparative Genomic Analysis of Three Pseudomonas Species Isolated from the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Ashish Pathak, Rajesh Singh Rathore and Ashvini Chauhan

A Symbiotic Approach to Generating Stress Tolerant Crops
Regina S Redman, Yong Ok Kim, Sang Cho, Malia Mercer, Melissa Rienstra, Ryan Manglona, Taylor Biaggi, Xin-Gen Zhou, Martin Chilvers, Zachery Gray and Russell J Rodriguez

Pyrimidine Nucleosides Analogues as Mycobacteria Growth Inhibitors
Liudmila A Alexandrova, Anastasia L Khandazhinskaya, Elena S Matyugina, Dmitriy A Makarov and Sergey N Kochetkov

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