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Prime Archives in Neuroscience is a compilation of recent advances in multidisciplinary topics relating to the nervous system.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-30-9

Editor: Jose Fernando Maya-Vetencourt

Decoupling the Effects of the Amyloid Precursor Protein from Amyloid-β Plaques on Axonal Transport Dynamics in the Living Brain
Christopher S Medina, Taylor W Uselman, Daniel R Barto, Frances Cháves, Russell E Jacobs and Elaine L Bearer

Anatomy of Upper Airway and Neuronal Control of Pharyngeal Muscles in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Victor B Fenik, Thomas Penzel and Atul Malhotra

Functional Spectroscopy Mapping of Pain Processing Cortical Areas during Non-Painful Peripheral Electrical Stimulation of the Accessory Spinal Nerve
Janete Shatkoski Bandeira, Luciana da Conceição Antunes, Matheus Dorigatti Soldatelli, João Ricardo Sato, Felipe Fregni and Wolnei Caumo

Molecular Correlates of Stress-Induced Increases in Fear Memory Consolidation within the Amygdala
Antonio V Aubry, Peter A Serrano and Nesha S Burghardt

Mitochondria, Estrogen and Female Brain Aging
LEJRI Imane, GRIMM Amandine and ECKERT Anne

Convolutional Networks Outperform Linear Decoders in Predicting EMG from Spinal Cord Signals
Yi Guo, Sinan Gok and Mesut Sahin

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