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Prime Archives in Neuroscience is a compilation of recent advances in multidisciplinary topics relating to the nervous system.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-30-9

Editor: Jose Fernando Maya-Vetencourt

Decoupling the Effects of the Amyloid Precursor Protein from Amyloid-β Plaques on Axonal Transport Dynamics in the Living Brain
Christopher S Medina, Taylor W Uselman, Daniel R Barto, Frances Cháves, Russell E Jacobs and Elaine L Bearer

Anatomy of Upper Airway and Neuronal Control of Pharyngeal Muscles in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Victor B Fenik, Thomas Penzel and Atul Malhotra

Functional Spectroscopy Mapping of Pain Processing Cortical Areas during Non-Painful Peripheral Electrical Stimulation of the Accessory Spinal Nerve
Janete Shatkoski Bandeira, Luciana da Conceição Antunes, Matheus Dorigatti Soldatelli, João Ricardo Sato, Felipe Fregni and Wolnei Caumo

Molecular Correlates of Stress-Induced Increases in Fear Memory Consolidation within the Amygdala
Antonio V Aubry, Peter A Serrano and Nesha S Burghardt

Mitochondria, Estrogen and Female Brain Aging
LEJRI Imane, GRIMM Amandine and ECKERT Anne

Convolutional Networks Outperform Linear Decoders in Predicting EMG from Spinal Cord Signals
Yi Guo, Sinan Gok and Mesut Sahin

Monomeric ß-Amyloid Interacts with Type-1 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptors to Provide Energy Supply to Neurons
Maria Laura Giuffrida, Marianna Flora Tomasello, Giuseppe Pandini, Filippo Caraci, Giuseppe Battaglia, Carla Busceti, Paola Di Pietro, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Francesco Attanasio, Santina Chiechio, Silvia Bagnoli, Benedetta Nacmias, Sandro Sorbi, RiccardoVigneri, Enrico Rizzarelli, Ferdinando Nicoletti and Agata Copani

Sustained and Transient Vestibular Systems: A Physiological Basis for Interpreting Vestibular Function
Ian S Curthoys, Hamish G MacDougall, Pierre-Paul Vidal and Catherine de Waele

The Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Clinical Tests of Otolith Function. A Tribute to Yoshio Uchino
Ian S Curthoys

From the Gut to the Brain and Back: Therapeutic Approaches for the Treatment of Network Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease
Giovanna Paolone

Astrocytic Estrogen Receptors and Impaired Neurotrophic Responses in a Rat Model of Perimenopause
Todd E Morgan and Caleb E Finch

Cannabidiol (CBD) Inhibited Rhodamine-123 Efflux in Cultured Vascular Endothelial Cells and Astrocytes under Hypoxic Conditions
Jerónimo Auzmendi, Pablo Palestro, Agustín Blachman, Luciana Gavernet, Amalia Merelli, Alan Talevi, Graciela Cristina Calabrese, Alberto Javier Ramos and Alberto Lazarowski

Use of Optical Coherence Tomography to Detect Retinal Nerve Fiber Loss in Children with Optic Pathway Glioma
Alon Zahavi, Helen Toledano, Rony Cohen, Sara Sella, Judith Luckman, Shalom Michowiz and Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen

The Video Head Impulse Test
GM Halmagyi, Luke Chen, Hamish G MacDougall, Konrad P Weber, Leigh A McGarvie and Ian S Curthoys

Ruptured Thoracolumbar Perimedullary Arteriovenous Fistula during Pregnancy Complicated by Cerebral Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Brainstem Hematoma: A Case Report
Jan Sroubek, Ladislava Janouskova and Jan Klener

Neural Basis of Increased Cognitive Control of Impulsivity During the Mid-Luteal Phase Relative to the Late Follicular Phase of the Menstrual Cycle
Jin-Ying Zhuang Jia-Xi Wang, Qin Lei, Weidong Zhang and Mingxia Fan

Topographic Organization of Correlation along the Longitudinal and Transverse Axes in Rat Hippocampal CA3 Due to Excitatory Afferents
Gene J Yu, Jean-Marie C Bouteiller and Theodore W Berger

Machine Learning Applications in the Neuro ICU: A Solution to Big Data Mayhem?
Farhan Chaudhry, Rachel J Hunt, Prashant Hariharan, Sharath Kumar Anand, Surya Sanjay, Ellen E Kjoller, Connor M Bartlett, Kipp W Johnson, Phillip D Levy, Houtan Noushmehr and Ian Y Lee

Large-Scale Convergence of Receptor Cell Arrays onto Afferent Terminal Arbors in the Lorenzinian Electroreceptors of Polyodon
David F Russell, Thomas C Warnock, Wenjuan Zhang, Desmon E Rogers and Lilia L Neiman

Anti-Inflammatory Targets for the Treatment of Reperfusion Injury in Stroke
Atsushi Mizuma and Midori A Yenari

Neuroanatomical Basis of State-Dependent Activity of Upper Airway Muscles
Irma Rukhadze and Victor B Fenik

Mini-Review of Studies Testing the Cardiorespiratory Hypothesis with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS): Overview and Perspectives
Nounagnon Frutueux Agbangla, Pauline Maillot and Damien Vitiello

Differences between Exergaming Rehabilitation and Conventional Physiotherapy on Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Papamichael Elena, Solou Demetris, Michailidou Christina and Papamichail Marios

Vestibular Function Measured Using the Video Head Impulse Test in Congenital Nystagmus and Vertigo: A Case Report
Antonio Denia-Lafuente and Belén Lombardero

Mouse Tracking to Explore Motor Inhibition Processes in Go/No-Go and Stop Signal Tasks
Viola Benedetti, Gioele Gavazzi, Fabio Giovannelli, Riccardo Bravi, Fiorenza Giganti, Diego Minciacchi, Mario Mascalchi, Massimo Cincotta and Maria Pia Viggiano

Precuneus-Dominant Degeneration of Parietal Lobe is at Risk of Epilepsy in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease
Antonio Denia-Lafuente and Belén Lombardero

Activity-Dependent NPAS4 Expression and the Regulation of Gene Programs Underlying Plasticity in the Central Nervous System
Stéphane Molotchnikoff, Vishal Bharmauria and Jose Fernando Maya-Vetencourt

Functional Magnetic Resonance Connectivity in Patients With Temporomadibular Joint Disorders
Felice Festa, Chiara Rotelli, Antonio Scarano, Riccardo Navarra, Massimo Caulo and Monica Macrì

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