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The book Prime Archives in Medicine is a compilation of recent research advances across a broad spectrum of medical scientific disciplines and sub-specialties. The book aims to provide all clinicians and research scholars in relevant fields with up-to-date information on mechanisms of disease, diagnosis, and management for optimized patient care.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-01-9

Editor: Ninh The Son

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Study on Little Active and Sedentary Women: Comparison Between Protocols and Prospects for Admission in Physical Activity Program
Antonia Dalla Pria Bankoff, Carlos Aparecido Zamai, José Rocha and Paulo Roberto Mendes Guimarães

Do Higher Pensions Improve Health (Type I Obesity) After Retirement?
Yuval Arbel, Chaim Fialkoff and Amichai Kerner

Validation of a Survey Questionnaire on Organ Donation: An Arabic World Scenario
Rajvir Singh, Tulika Mehta Agarwal, Hassan Al-Thani, Yousuf Al Maslamani and Ayman El-Menyar

Evaluation of the Frequency of Prolonged Fevers and Exploration of Their Etiologies in the Internal Medicine Department of the Point “G” University Hospital in Bamako from 2009 to 2013
Abdel Kader Traoré, Assétou Soukho Kaya, Djenebou Traoré, Djibril Sy, Youssouf Fofana, Ibahima Amadou Dembélé, Mamadou Saliou, Boua Daoud Camara, Karim Dao, Mamadou Cissoko, Kaly Kéïta, Barry Boubacar Sangaré, Mamadou Mallé, Alassane A Doumbia, Nagou Tolo, Hadiza A Kaïlou, Mamadou Dembélé and Hamar Alassane Traoré

A Diagnostic Model for Dementia in Clinical Practice—Case Methodology Assisting Dementia Diagnosis
Elisabet Londos

Prevalence, Habits and Personal Attitudes towards Smoking among Health Care Professionals
Brankica Juranić, Ţeljko Rakošec, Jelena Jakab, Štefica Mikšić, Suzana Vuletić, Marul Ivandić and Ivka Blaţević

Is Obesity Influenced by Age Cohort and Environmental Features of a Dwelling Unit? (Green Space, Traffic Noise, highway view)
Yuval Arbel, Chaim Fialkoff and Amichai Kerner

Safety and Efficacy of Erythrocyte Encapsulated Thymidine Phosphorylase in Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy
Michelle Levene, Murray D Bain, Nicholas F Moran, Niran Nirmalananthan, Joanna Poulton, Mauro Scarpelli, Massimiliano Filosto, Hanna Mandel, Andrew D MacKinnon, Lynette Fairbanks, Dario Pacitti and Bridget E Bax

Intensive Care in Traumatic Brain Injury Including Multi-Modal Monitoring and Neuroprotection
Reto A Stocker

Particle Swarm Optimized Hybrid Kernel-Based Multiclass Support Vector Machine for Microarray Cancer Data Analysis
Davies Segera, Mwangi Mbuthia and Abraham Nyete

Genus Miliusa: A Review of Phytochemistry and Pharmacology
Ninh The Son

The Social Effects of Exergames on Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Metric Analysis
Jinhui Li, Kanokkorn Witedwittayanusat, Luxi Chen, Yuanyuan Cao, Shan Qi Lee, Mojisola Erdt and Yin-Leng Theng

Surgical Treatment for Posterior Dislocation of Hip Combined with Acetabular Fractures Using Preoperative Virtual Simulation and Three-Dimensional Printing Model-Assisted Precontoured Plate Fixation Techniques
Yuan-Ta Li, Chun-Chi Hung, Yu-Ching Chou, Jia-En Chen, Chia-Chun Wu, Hsain-Chung Shen and Tsu-Te Yeh

Evaluation of Body Mass Index, Hematocrit, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and Total Protein in Voluntary and Commercial Blood Donors in Nigeria: Advocating for Simultaneous Screening for Nutritional Status
Chukwurah Ejike Felix, Nwangbo Daniel Ogodo and Azuobu Angela Ngoz

Results of Wertheim-Meigs Surgery for Treatment of Early Uterine Cervix Cancer An Observational Study
Karina Elord Castro Ribeiro da Silveira, Claudio Sergio Batista, Takasi Osako and Claudia Lucia Nunes Alvares

Early Inflammatory Status Related to Pediatric Obesity
Cristina Oana Mărginean, Lorena Elena Meliţ, Dana Valentina Ghiga and Maria Oana Mărginean

Toxic Content of Certain Commercially Available Fairness Creams in Indian Market
Anitha Jose and JG Ray

Effects of 2D and 3D Image Views on Hand Movement Trajectories in the Surgeon’s Peri-Personal Space in a Computer Controlled Simulator Environment
Anil Ufuk Batmaz, Michel de Mathelin and Birgitta Dresp-Langley

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