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Prime Archives in Cancer Research aims to compile recent developments in the fields of Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-4-4

Editor: Dr. A Heidari


A New Promising Way of Maintenance Therapy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer A Comparative Clinical Study
Vsevolod I Kiselev, Levon A Ashrafyan, Ekaterina L Muyzhnek, Evgeniya V Gerfanova, Irina B Antonova, Olga I Aleshikova and Fazlul H Sarkar

DCLK1 Regulates Pluripotency and Angiogenic Factors via microRNA-Dependent Mechanisms in Pancreatic Cancer
Sripathi M Sureban, Randal May, Dongfeng Qu, Nathaniel Weygant, Parthasarathy Chandrakesan, Naushad Ali, Stan A Lightfoot, Panayotis Pantazis, Chinthalapally V Rao, Russell G Postier and Courtney W Houchen

Strategies of the War on Cancer: To Kill or to Neutralize?
Anatoly V Lichtenstein

Salivary Extracellular Vesicle-Associated exRNA as Cancer Biomarker
Giulia Chiabotto, Chiara Gai, Maria Chiara Deregibus and Giovanni Camussi

Whole Exome Sequencing Data Analysis Algorithms in Cancer Diagnostics
Áron Bartha and Balázs Gyorffy

Experimental Models to Define the Genetic Predisposition to Liver Cancer
Rosa M Pascale, Maria M Simile, Graziella Peitta, Francesco Feo and Diego F Calvisi

The Emerging Roles of mTORC1 in Macromanaging Autophagy
Akpedje S Dossou and Alakananda Basu

Are Network Growth and the Contributions to Congresses Associated with Publication Success? A Pediatric Oncology Model
Frank Berthold, Christoph Bartenhagen and Lothar Krempel

Application of C. elegans Cancer Screening Test for the Detection of Pancreatic Tumor in Genetically Engineered Mice
Yuji Ueda, Koichi Kawamoto, Masamitsu Konno, Kozo Noguchi, Satoru Kaifuchi, Taroh Satoh, Hidetoshi Eguchi, Yuichiro Doki, Takaaki Hirotsu, Masaki Mori and Hideshi Ishii

Green Tea Extract for Prevention of Prostate Cancer Progression in Patients on Active Surveillance
Nagi B Kumar, Shohreh I Dickinson, Michael J Schell, Brandon J Manley, Michael A Poch, Julio Pow-Sang and Roger Li

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