Earth and its Atmosphere: 2nd Edition


The book Earth and its Atmosphere covers various aspects of atmospheric science explaining the physics and dynamics of our environment.


ISBN: 978-93-92117-33-6


Indications of Ground–Based Electromagnetic Observations to a Possible Lithosphere–Atmosphere–Ionosphere Electromagnetic Coupling before the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan MS 8.0 Earthquake
Mei Li, Jun Lu, Xuemin Zhang and Xuhui Shen

Structural Controls of Uranium Mineralization in the Basement of the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Antonio Benedicto, Maher Abdelrazek, Patrick Ledru, Cameron MacKay and Dwayne Kinar

Relationship between Physical Environment Satisfaction, Neighborhood Satisfaction, and Quality of Life in Gyeonggi, Korea
Kyung-Young Lee

Dry Anomalies in Land-Atmosphere Interactions: Land Surface Temperature from Geostationary Satellites and Soil Moisture Availability from SVAT Modeling as Biogeophysical Indexes
Julia Stoyanova, Christo Georgiev, Plamen Neytchev and Andrey Kulishev

The Impact of Quality of Digital Elevation Models on the Result of Landslide Susceptibility Modeling Using the Method of Weights of Evidence
Mirosław Kamiński

Recent Shoreline Changes Due to High-Angle Wave Instability along the East Coast of Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines
Takaaki Uda and Yasuhito Noshi

Development of a Sand Spit Offshore of Groin Under High-Angle Wave Condition
Takaaki Uda and Masumi Serizawa

Lithospheric Characterization of the Western Region of Islas Marías Archipelago using Geophysical Data
Diana Núñez and Francisco Javier Núñez-Cornú

A Satellite Data Based Detailed Study of the Aerosol Emitted from Open Biomass Burning in Northeast China
Shuaiyi Shi, Yanjun Ma, Fangwen Bao and Faisal Mumtaz

Seismicity at the Southern Rivera Plate Border
Francisco J Núñez-Cornú and Diana Núñez

The Atmospheric Electric Field under Fair-Weather Conditions in the South of Western Siberia based on Observations in Tomsk in 2006–2020
Konstantin Pustovalov, Petr Nagorskiy, Mariya Oglezneva and Sergei Smirnov

Research and Application of a Proppant Transport Experimental Device for Complex Fractures in the Unconventional Reservoir
Huan Peng, Yu Fan, Junliang Peng, Huifen Han, Xinping Gao, Liang Wang, Xinghao Gou, Yuelin Yin and Yuchao Zhou

Water Diversion in the Valley of Mexico Basin: An Environmental Transformation That Caused the Desiccation of Lake Texcoco
Carolina Montero-Rosado, Enrique Ojeda-Trejo, Vicente Espinosa-Hernández, Demetrio Fernández-Reynoso, Miguel Caballero Deloya and Gerardo Sergio Benedicto Valdés

The Intersection between Heatwaves, High-Rise Living and the Aged: A Narrative Review of the Literature
Leigh A Wilson and Deborah A Black

Monitoring of Gamma Radiation Prior to Earthquakes in a Study of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in Northern Tien Shan
Nazyf Salikhov, Alexander Shepetov, Galina Pak, Serik Nurakynov, Vladimir Ryabov, Nurzhan Saduyev, Turlan Sadykov, Zhumabek Zhantayev and Valery Zhukov

Investigation of the Global Seismic Noise Properties in Connection to Strong Earthquakes
Alexey Lyubushin

A Classical Attachment-Detachment Model with Adsorption Hysteresis
Yonghong Hao

Historical Centres, Protected Natural Areas, Communities and Sustainable Development: A Possible Balance
Antonio Bertini and Tiziana Vitolo

Ultrahigh-Pressure Mineral Inclusions in a Crustal Granite: Evidence for a Novel Transcrustal Transport Mechanism
Rainer Thomas, Paul Davidson, Adolf Rericha and Ulrich Recknagel

Managing Facilities in Historic Buildings: A Stewardship-Based Strategy for Long-Term Socio-economic Value
Billy Edward Hunt, Mohammad Mayouf, Ilnaz Ashayeri, E. M. A. C. Ekanayake and Anastasia Nikologianni

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