Prime Archives in Molecular Sciences: 4th Edition


Prime Archives in Molecular Sciences is a compilation of advanced molecular studies in the fields of biology, medicine, and chemistry. The book showcases the application of various theories and novel technologies to experimental molecular studies.


Editor: Noor Zarina Abd Wahab

ISBN: 978-93-92117-00-8

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Relationships between Molecular Structure of Carbohydrates and Their Dynamic Hydration Shells Revealed by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Nikita V Penkov

Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) Extracted from Goniothalamus umbrosus Binds to Dengue Virus Serotype-2 Envelope Protein and Inhibits Early Stage of Virus Replication
Noor Zarina Abd Wahab and Nazlina Ibrahim

Hepatic Sam68 Regulates Systemic Glucose Homeostasis and Insulin Sensitivity
Aijun Qiao, Wenxia Ma, Ying Jiang, Chaoshan Han, Baolong Yan, Junlan Zhou and Gangjian Qin

Implication of N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor in Homocysteine-Induced Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Yara A Samra, Dina Kira, Pragya Rajpurohit, Riyaz Mohamed, Leah A Owen, Akbar Shakoor, Ivana K Kim, Margaret M DeAngelis, Nader Sheibani, Mohamed Al-Shabrawey and Amany Tawfik

TNF-α Plus IL-1β Induces Opposite Regulation of Cx43 Hemichannels and Gap Junctions in Mesangial Cells through a RhoA/ROCK-Dependent Pathway
Claudia M Lucero, Lucas Marambio-Ruiz, Javiera Balmazabal, Juan Prieto-Villalobos, Marcelo León, Paola Fernández, Juan A Orellana, Victoria Velarde, Juan C Sáez and Gonzalo I Gómez

Autochthonous Arthrospira platensis Gomont Driven Nickel (Ni) Phycoremediation from Cooking Oil Industrial Effluent
Aisha Nazir

Forensic Analysis of Poisons in Human Serum using Magnetic Alloy Nanoparticles and Mass Spectrometry
Sara A Al-Sayed, Mohamed O Amin and Entesar Al-Hetlani

Farming for Pharming: Novel Hydroponic Process in Contained Environment for Efficient Pharma-Grade Production of Saffron
Luca Nardi, Giulio Metelli, Marco Garegnani, Maria Elena Villani, Silvia Massa, Elisabetta Bennici, Raffaele Lamanna, Marcello Catellani, Silvia Bisti, Maria Anna Maggi, Olivia C Demurtas, Eugenio Benvenuto and Angiola Desiderio

Mitochondrial Enzymes and Ultrastructure of the Cerebral Cortex in the Formation of Molecular Mechanisms of Adaptation to Hypoxia
Ludmila Lukyanova, Elita Germanova, Natalya Khmil, Lybov Pavlik, Irina Mikheeva, Maria Shigaeva and Galina Mironova. Mitochondrial Enzymes and Ultrastructure of the Cerebral Cortex in the Formation of Molecular Mechanisms of Adaptation to Hypoxia

Gating Mechanism of the Voltage-Gated Proton Channel Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Thi Tuong Vy Phan and Myunggi Yi

Thermogravimetric Analysis and Kinetic Modeling of Nanche Stone BSC Pyrolysis: A Potential Agro-Industrial Waste for Bioenergy Production
Jonathan M Sanchez-Silva, Raúl Ocampo-Pérez, Erika Padilla-Ortega, Diakaridia Sangaré, Miguel A Escobedo-Bretado, Jorge L Domínguez-Arvizu, Blanca C Hernández-Majalca, Javier E Morales-Mendoza, Alejandro López-Ortiz and Virginia Collins-Martínez

Synthesis of Multi-Stimuli Responsive Fe3O4 Coated with Diamonds Nanocomposite for Magnetic Assisted Chemo-Photothermal Therapy
Jichuan Kong, Yang Li, Huan Zhao and Yao Liu

Encapsulation of Vitamin C by Glycerol-Derived Dendrimers, Their Interaction with Biomimetic Models of Stratum corneum and Their Cytotoxicity
Katia Bacha, Catherine Chemotti, Jean-Claude Monboisse, Anthony Robert, Aurélien L Furlan, Willy Smeralda, Christian Damblon, Julien Estager, Sylvie Brassart-Pasco, Jean-Pierre Mbakidi, Jelena Pršić, Sandrine Bouquillon and Magali Deleu

An Medicinal Approach: Leucine-Rich, Potent Anti-Bacterial Protein against Vibrio cholerae, Staphylococcus aureus from Solanum trilobatum Leaves
Manohar Radhakrishnan, Malathy Palayam, Lakshminarayanan Karthik and Gunasekaran Krishnasamy

Mn-Based MRI Contrast Agents: An Overview
Céline Henoumont, Marie Devreux and Sophie Laurent

Changing the Electron Acceptor Specificity of Rhodobacter Capsulatus Formate Dehydrogenase from NAD+ to NADP+
Hemant Kumar and Silke Leimkühler

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