Prime Archives in Biotechnology


The book Prime Archives in Biotechnology is a compilation of novel advances and methods in all areas of biotechnology and bioengineering. The book also focuses on public, legal, and ethical aspects of biotechnological research.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-31-6

Editor: Dr. Zahoorullah S MD


Biophysical Control of Bile Duct Epithelial Morphogenesis in Natural and Synthetic Scaffolds
Anette Funfak, Latifa Bouzhir, Emilie Gontran, Nicolas Minier, Pascale Dupuis-Williams and Samy Gobaa

Maximizing the Efficiency of Vanillin Production by Biocatalyst Enhancement and Process Optimization
Francesca Luziatelli, Lorenza Brunetti, Anna Grazia Ficca and Maurizio Ruzzi

Advances in Metabolic Modeling of Oleaginous Microalgae
Juan D Tibocha-Bonilla, Cristal Zuñiga, Rubén D Godoy-Silva and Karsten Zengler

Mutagenesis of FAD2 Genes in Peanut with CRISPR/Cas9 Based Gene Editing
Mei Yuan, Jun Zhu, Limin Gong, Liangqiong He, Crystal Lee, Suoyi Han, Charles Chen and Guohao He

Phoenix: A Portable, Battery-Powered, and Environmentally Controlled Platform for Long-Distance Transportation of Live-Cell Cultures
Brittany N Willbrand, Sylvia Loh, Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell, Dan O’Connell and Devin M Ridgley

Emerging Methods for Efficient and Extensive Incorporation of Non Canonical Amino Acids using Cell-free Systems
Yang Wu, Zhaoguan Wang, Xin Qiao, Jiaojiao Li, Xiangrong Shu and Hao Qi

Automated Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia from Microscopic Images based on Human Visual Perception
Alexandra Bodzas, Pavel Kodytek and Jan Zidek

Real-Time Multifrequency MR Elastography of the Human Brain Reveals Rapid Changes in Viscoelasticity in Response to the Valsalva Maneuver
Helge Herthum, Mehrgan Shahryari, Heiko Tzschätzsch, Felix Schrank, Carsten Warmuth, Steffen Görner, Stefan Hetzer, Hennes Neubauer, Josef Pfeuffer, Jürgen Braun and Ingolf Sack

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