Prime Archives in Sustainability: 3rd Edition


Sustainable living helps in preventing the damage of ecosystem and thus provides the most important aspect of living for today’s world and future’s generation. Research studies show the increasing awareness of sustainability among the common people and is spreading through various industries. This book gives us prime insights into sustainability and its significance.


ISBN: 978-93-92117-46-6

Editor: Dr. Magdalena Maciaszczyk


The Effect of Air Quality and Weather on the Chinese Stock: Evidence from Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Zhuhua Jiang, Rangan Gupta, Sowmya Subramaniam and Seong-Min Yoon

Sustainability Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste in Baltimore USA
Samuel O Alamu, Ayodeji Wemida, Tiyobistiya Tsegaye and Gbekeloluwa Oguntimein

Dynamic Energy Performance Gap Analysis of a University Building: Case Studies at UAE University Campus, UAE
Young Ki Kim, Lindita Bande, Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul and Hasim Altan

Behavior of Online Prosumers in Organic Product Market as Determinant of Sustainable Consumption
Magdalena Maciaszczyk and Maria Kocot

A New Territorial Planning Model for Renewable Energy Plants for Self-Consumption Based on AHP and GIS. A Case of Study
Francisco Santana-Sarmiento and Sergio Velázquez-Medina

Application of Geoelectrical Survey and Time-Lapse Resistivity with Groundwater Data in Delineating a Groundwater Potential Map: A Case Study from Phuket Island, Thailand
Avirut Puttiwongrak, Ratha Men, Sakanann Vann, Kiyota Hashimoto and Thongchai Suteerasak

Which Factors Contribute to Innovative Performance? A Case Study Applied to the Food and Beverage Industry
Beatriz Corchuelo Martínez-Azúa and Celia Sama-Berrocal

The Necessity of Introducing Autonomous Trucks in Logistics 4.0
Kim Eun-bin

Projection Analysis and Mapping of Clean Water Sources Needs for the people of Muna Regency to Realize Sustainable Water Resources Management
La Baco Sudia, Aminuddin Mane Kandari, Asramid Yasin, Lies Indriyani, Kahirun, Ridwan Adi Surya, La Ode Siwi, La Ode Midi, Abdul Manan and La Ode Muhammad Erif

A Framework of the Value Co-Creation Cycle in Platform Businesses: An Exploratory Case Study
Feng-Shang Wu and Chia-Chang Tsai

Organizational Factors Influencing the Sustainability Performance of Construction Organizations
Fatima Afzal and Benson Lim

Novel Ergonomic Triad Model to Calculate a Sustainable Work Index for the Manufacturing Industry
Mildrend Montoya-Reyes, Margarita Gil-Samaniego-Ramos, Alvaro González-Angeles, Ismael Mendoza-Muñoz and Carlos Raul Navarro-González

Solar Architecture and Optimization of Building integrated Photovoltaic System
Seung-Ho Yoo

Combining Green Metrics and Digital Twins for Sustainability Planning and Governance of Smart Buildings and Cities
Casey R Corrado, Suzanne M DeLong, Emily G Holt, Edward Y Hua and Andreas Tolk

A Study on Community Public Safety Collaborative Governance Regime in the Background of COVID-19: Empirical Analysis Based on China and South Korea
Xiaoqin Guo and Xiang Li

Can Improved Cassava Genotypes from the Breeding Program Substitute the Adopted Variety for Gari Production? Biophysical and Textural Attributes Approach
Wasiu Awoyale, Hakeem Oyedele, Michael Adesokan, Emmanuel O Alamu and Busie Maziya-Dixon

Specification and Classification of Pelletised Dried Sewage Sludge: Identifying Its Key Properties as a Renewable Material for Enabling Environmentally Non-Harmful Energy Utilisation
Vesna Mislej and Barbara Novosel

Cost Deviation Model of Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia Using PLS-SEM
Abdullah M Alsugair

Sewage Sludge Management at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Ljubljana – Characterization of its Properties, Possibilities for Sustainable Utilization and Legislative Obstacles
Vesna Mislej, Viktor Grilc, Barbara Novosel, Ana Mladenovič and Vesna Zalar Serjun

A Novel Development Scheme of Mobility as a Service: Can It Provide a Sustainable Environment for China?
Zipeng Zhang and Ning Zhang

An Investigation of Recharging Groundwater Levels through River Ponding: New Strategy for Water Management in Sutlej River
Fahad Mushtaq, Habibur Rehman, Umair Ali, Muhammad Salman Babar, Mohammad Saleh Al-Suwaiyan and Zaher Mundher Yaseen

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