Prime Archives in Sustainability: 2nd Edition


Sustainable living helps in preventing the damage of ecosystem and thus provides the most important aspect of living for today’s world and future’s generation. Research studies show the increasing awareness of sustainability among the common people and is spreading through various industries. This book gives us prime insights into sustainability and its significance.


Editor: Dr. Anastasia Nikologianni

ISBN: 978-93-92117-23-7


Establishment of a Sustainability Assessment System for Bridges
Tai-Yi Liu, Guan-Ting Liu, Po-Han Chen, Nelson NS Chou and Shih-Ping Ho

Making Sustainable Regional Design Strategies Successful
Anastasia Nikologianni, Kathryn Moore and Peter J Larkham

Prevention of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions, Large Earthquakes underneath Big Cities, and Giant Earthquakes at Subduction Zones
Yoshiaki Fujii, Morteza Sheshpari, Jun-ichi Kodama, Daisuke Fukuda and Anjula BN Dassanayake

Stormwater Utility Fees and Credits: A Funding Strategy for Sustainability
Jerry Zhirong Zhao, Camila Fonseca and Raihana Zeerak

Human Rights Pathways to Just Sustainabilities
LaDawn Haglund

Orthodox Soil Science versus Alternative Philosophies: A Clash of Cultures in a Modern Context
Robert E White and Martin Andrew

Effect of Deposit Mobilization on the Financial Sustainability of Rural Saving and Credit Cooperatives: Evidence from Ethiopia
Girma Jirata Duguma and Jiqin Han

Augmented Reality in the Integrative Internet of Things (AR-IoT): Application for Precision Farming
Sheau-Ru Tong and Pilaiwan Phupattanasilp

Analysis Study of Current Transportation Status in Vietnam’s Urban Traffic and the Transition to Electric Two-Wheelers Mobility
Duc Nguyen Huu and Van Nguyen Ngoc

Public Attitudes towards Digital Water Meters for Households
Steven Hendrik Andreas Koop, Sharon Helena Pascale Clevers, Elisabeth Johanna Maria Blokker and Stijn Brouwer

A Farm Management Information System for Semi-Supervised Path Planning and Autonomous Vehicle Control
Hao Wang, Yaxin Ren and Zhijun Meng

An Artificial Intelligence-Based Model for Prediction of Parameters Affecting Sustainable Growth of Mobile Banking Apps
Nadire Cavus, Yakubu Bala Mohammed and Mohammed Nasiru Yakubu

Biomimetic Organizations: A Management Model that Learns from Nature
Edita Olaizola, Rafael Morales-Sánchez and Marcos Eguiguren Huerta

Methodological Planning Strategy for the Development of the Ceramist Production Chain in the Amazon
Gelson Dias Florentino, Lucieta Guerreiro Martorano, Íres Paula de Andrade Miranda, José Reinaldo da Silva Cabral de Moraes and Troy Patrick Beldini

Embedding Sustainability in the Economics Degree of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia: A Methodological Approach
Lourdes Molera, Eugenio José Sánchez-Alcázar , Úrsula Faura-Martínez, Matilde Lafuente-Lechuga, Juan Vicente Llinares-Ciscar, Joaquín Longinos Marín-Rives, Pedro Juan Martín-Castejón, María Carmen Puigcerver-Peñalver and María C Sánchez-Antón

A Method to Estimate Surface Soil Moisture and Map the Irrigated Cropland Area Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
Saman Rabiei, Ehsan Jalilvand and Massoud Tajrishy

Multi-Stakeholder Platform in Water Resources Management: A Critical Analysis of Stakeholders’ Participation for Sustainable Water Resources
Onesmo Z Sigalla, Madaka Tumbo and Jane Joseph

Perspectives of Using Eucalyptus Bark Fibre in Concrete
Claudia Mansilla, Mauricio Pradena, Cecilia Fuentealba and Andrés César

Day Ahead Unit Commitment for IEEE-30 Bus System Application Taking into Consideration the Uncertainty of Wind Power Performance
Diaa Salman and Mehmet Kusaf

Energy-Efficient Building Design for a Tropical Climate A Field Study on the Caribbean Island Curaçao
Richenel Bulbaai and Johannes IM Halman

Environmental and Social Dynamics of Urban Rooftop Agriculture (URTA) and Their Impacts on Microclimate Change
Musammat Shahinara Begum, Sujit Kumar Bala, AKM Saiful Islam and Debjit Roy

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