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Prime Archives in Public Health is a compilation of all aspects of the science, philosophy, and practice of public health. The book focuses on social determinants of health, the environmental, occupational, and behavioral, correlates of health and disease, and the impact on the community.


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Substitution of Formal and Informal Healthcare among Retired Population: Implication for Social and Public Health Policy
Chia-Ching Chen, Tetsuji Yamada, Taeko Nakashima and I-Ming Chiu

Adults Experiencing Homelessness in the US–Mexico Border Region: A Photovoice Project
Eva Margarita Moya, Silvia M Chavez-Baray, Jacqueline Loweree, Brian Mattera and Nahomi Martinez

A Study on the Current Situation of Prearranged Shelter Management in Japan for Making a Standard Operation Procedure
Arisa Yasui, Muneyoshi Numada, Makoto Bando, Shintaro Nakano and Chaitanya Krishna

Peripartum Predictors of the Risk of Postpartum Depressive Disorder: Results of a Case-Control Study
Kornelia Zaręba, Jolanta Banasiewicz, Hanna Rozenek, Stanisław Wójtowicz and Grzegorz Jakiel

The Incidence and Nature of Malpractice Claims against Dentists for Orthodontic Treatment with Periodontal Damage in Israel during the Years 2005–2018—A Descriptive Study
Amir Laviv, Eitan Barnea, Nirit Tagger Green, Rana Kadry, Dima Nassar, Meytal Laviv and Roni Kolerman

Carer Empowerment is Key to Reduce Dementia Care Inequalities in the Middle East
Syed Fahad Javaid, Aishah Al-Zahmi and Munir Abbas

Features of Cytokine Storm Identified by Distinguishing Clinical Manifestations in COVID-19
Wei-Xi Shen, Rong-Cheng Luo, Jing-Quan Wang and Zhe-Sheng Chen

Systematic Review of Potential Occupational Respiratory Hazards Exposure among Sewage Workers
Kamarulzaman Muzaini, Siti Munira Yasin, Zaliha Ismail and Ahmad Razali Ishak

Effect of Occupational Health and Safety Training for Chinese Construction Workers Based on the CHAID Decision Tree
Zhonghong Cao, Tao Chen and Yuqing Cao

Quality of Life of Patients with Glaucoma in Slovakia
Ľudmila Majerníková, Anna Hudáková, Andrea Obročníková, Beáta Grešš Halász and Mária Kaščáková

Developing an Internet-Based Trauma Recovery Nursing Intervention Based on Swanson’s Theory of Caring for Trauma Recovery
Sunah Kim, Go-Un Kim, Wongyeong Lee and Jinyoung Park

The Effects of Korean Parents’ Smartphone Addiction on Korean Children’s Smartphone Addiction: Moderating Effects of Children’s Gender and Age
Hye-Gyeong Son, Heeran J Cho and Kyu-Hyoung Jeong

Non-Contact Real-Time Detection and Monitoring of Microbial Contaminants on Solid Surfaces Using Medium- (BC-Sense) and Short-Distance (H2B-Spectral) Range Sensors
O Rebane, S Babichenko, M Bentahir, L Poryvkina and JL Gala

The Implementation of National Dementia Plans: A Multiple-Case Study on Denmark, Germany, and Italy
Nadia Céline Boeree, Claudia Zoller and Robbert Huijsman

Relationships between Depression, Daily Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Daytime Sleepiness among Japanese University Students
Hideki Shimamoto, Masataka Suwa and Koh Mizuno

Reduced Theta Sampling in Infants at Risk for Dyslexia across the Sensitive Period of Native Phoneme Learning
Maria Mittag, Eric Larson, Samu Taulu, Maggie Clarke and Patricia K Kuhl

Modelling of South African Hypertension: Application of Panel Quantile Regression
Anesu Gelfand Kuhudzai, Guido Van Hal, Stefan Van Dongen and Muhammad Ehsanul Hoque

Impact of Immediate and Delayed Breast Reconstruction on Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients
Stana Pačarić, Želimir Orkić, Marko Babić, Nikolina Farčić, Andrea Milostić-Srb, Robert Lovrić, Ivana Barać, Štefica Mikšić, Jasenka Vujanić, Tajana Turk, Zvjezdana Gvozdanović, Dragica Pavlović, Nika Srb and Ivana Pačarić

A Review of Maternal Nutrition during Pregnancy and Impact on the Offspring through Development: Evidence from Animal Models of Over- and Undernutrition
John F Odhiambo, Christopher L Pankey, Adel B Ghnenis and Stephen P Ford

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