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Prime Archives in Psychology is a compilation of research advances in developments and innovative approaches in various fields of psychology including cognition, health, and clinical psychology, developmental, social, and occupational psychology.


ISBN: 978-93-90014-23-1

Editor: Paul Raj

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Sexual Health of People with Spinal Cord Injury
Stefano Federici, Francesco Artegiani, Daniele Diotallevi, Giovanna Caruso and Alessandra Castellani Mencarelli

Grey Matter Structural Alterations in Social Anxiety Disorder: A Voxel-Based Meta-Analysis
Xiuli Wang, Bochao Cheng, Qiang Luo, Lihua Qiu and Song Wang

Initial Assessment of the Psychometric Properties of the Sexual Harassment Reporting Attitudes Scale
Brian Cesario, Elizabeth Parks-Stamm and Mujgan Turgut

The Key to Individualized Addiction Treatment is Comprehensive Assessment and Monitoring of Symptoms and Behavioral Change
Thomas F Hilton and Paul A Pilkonis

Validating the Working Alliance Inventory as a Tool for Measuring the Effectiveness of Coach-Athlete Relationships in Sport
Frode Moen, Maria Hrozanova and Frode Stenseng

Mental Health through Forgiveness: Exploring the Roots and Benefits
Paul Raj, CS Elizabeth and P Padmakumari

The Relationship between Listening Comprehension Problems and Strategy Usage among Advance EFL Learners
Ehsan Namaziandost, Leila Neisi, Fatemeh Mahdavirad and Mehdi Nasri

“Who’ll even listen to me”? The Cognitive-Emotional Spiral Effect of Integrating Volunteer Youth into Emergency Teams
Miriam Billig

A Review of Cases of Marijuana and Violence
Norman S Miller, Redon Ipeku and Thersilla Oberbarnscheidt

Predictive Power of Cognitive Styles on Academic Performance of Students in Selected National Secondary Schools in Kenya
Lusweti Sellah, Kwena Jacinta and Mondoh Helen

Phospholipase C-β1 Hypofunction in the Pathogenesis of Schizophrenia
Seong-Wook Kim, Taesup Cho and Sukchan Lee

A Picture You Can Handle: Infants Treat Touch-Screen Images More Like Photographs than Objects
Christine J Ziemer and Makenna Snyder

The Impact of Coping Strategies and Perceived Family Support on Depressive and Anxious Symptomatology During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Lockdown
Mariani Rachele, Renzi Alessia, Di Trani Michela, Trabucchi Guido, Danskin Kerri and Tambelli Renata

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