Prime Archives in Plant Sciences


The book Prime Archives in Plant Sciences is a compilation of recent research advances in the understanding of fundamental processes in plant biology. The book aims to cover the interdisciplinary aspects of plant science from crop molecular genetics, genomics, cell biology, physiology to ecology, evolution and plant pathogens.


ISBN: 978-81-944664-9-9

Editor: Grace Q Chen


Mycofungicide: Trichoderma Based Preparation for Foliar Applications
Gyula Oros and Zoltán Naár

Role of Intrageneric Competition in the Performance of Trichoderma Based Biofungicides
Gyula Oros and Zoltán Naár

Antimicrobial Activity and Constituents of Leaf and Pseudo-Stem Essential Oils of Zingiber zerumbet
Le T. Huong, Hoang V. Chinh, Do. N. Dai, Olanrewaju I. Eresanya and Isiaka A. Ogunwande

A 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Gene is Highly Expressed in the Root Tissue of Taraxacum koksaghyz
Grisel Ponciano and Grace Q Chen

Padina pavonica Morphology and Calcification Functions and Mechanism
Miriam Benita, Zvi Dubinsky and David Iluz

Influence of Seedling Age and Nitrogen Rates on Productivity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.): A Review
Muhammad Mahran Aslam, Muhammad Zeeshan, Ayesha Irum, Muhammad Umair Hassan, Saif Ali, Rashid Hussain, Pia Muhammad Adnan Ramzani and Muhammad Farhan Rashid

Proteomic Analysis of Plasmodesmata From Populus Cell Suspension Cultures in Relation With Callose Biosynthesis
Felicia Leijon, Michael Melzer, Qi Zhou, Vaibhav Srivastava and Vincent Bulone

Cambium Manipulation, Rootstock, and Tree Architectures Influence on Phytopigments, Proline, Chlorophyll Index, Yield and Leaf Nitrogen in ‘Fuji’ Apple
Esmaeil Fallahi, Shahla Mahdavi, Clive Kaiser and Bahar Fallahi

Chloroplast phylogenomics and biogeography of liquorice (Leguminosae: Glycyrrhiza)
Lei Duan, AJ Harris1, Li-Yan Mao, Zhi-Rong Zhang, Emine Arslan, Kuddisi Ertuğrul, Phan Ke Loc, Hiroaki Hayashi, Jun Wen and Hong-Feng Chen

Continued Selenium Biofortification of Carrots and Broccoli Grown in Soils Once Amended with Se-enriched S. pinnata
Gary S Bañuelos, Irvin S Arroyo, Sadikshya R Dangi and Maria C Zambrano

Quantitative Disease Resistance under elevated temperature: genetic basis of new resistance mechanisms to Ralstonia solanacearum
Nathalie Aoun, Laetitia Tauleigne, Fabien Lonjon, Laurent Deslandes, Fabienne Vailleau, Fabrice Roux and Richard Berthomé

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