Prime Archives in Molecular Sciences: 2nd Edition


Prime Archives in Molecular Sciences is a compilation of advanced molecular studies in the fields of biology, medicine, and chemistry. The book showcases the application of various theories and novel technologies to experimental molecular studies.


ISBN: 978-81-953047-1-4

Editor: Letizia Giampietro

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The Emerging Role of LHb CaMKII in the Comorbidity of Depressive and Alcohol Use Disorders
Chaya Shor, Wanhong Zuo, Jean D Eloy and Jiang-Hong Ye

Combining High-Pressure Perturbation with NMR Spectroscopy for a Structural and Dynamical Characterization of Protein Folding Pathways
Cécile Dubois, Isaline Herrada, Philippe Barthe and Christian Roumestand

Zinc Complexes with Nitrogen Donor Ligands as Anticancer Agents
Marina Porchia, Maura Pellei, Fabio Del Bello and Carlo Santini

IP3R Channels in Male Reproduction
Xiaoning Zhang, Rongzu Huang, Yang Zhou, Wenwen Zhou and Xuhui Zeng

Overview of New Treatments with Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer and a Proposal of a Combination Therapy
Miguel Angel Galván Morales, Raúl Barrera Rodríguez, Julio Raúl Santiago Cruz and Luis M Teran

Glutamine-Glutamate Cycle in Neuronal Cells
Nikhil R Gandasi, Vasiliki Arapi, Michel E Mickael, Prajakta A Belekar, Louise Granlund, Lakshmi Kothegala, Robert Fredriksson and Sonchita Bagchi

Treatment of Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage: Controlling Inflammation and Obtaining Rapid and Effective Hemostasis
Jeong A Park

Growth Promotion and Biocontrol Activity of Endophytic Streptomyces spp.
Sai Shiva Krishna Prasad Vurukonda, Davide Giovanardi and Emilio Stefani

Synthesis and Bioactivity of Hydrazide-Hydrazones with the 1-Adamantyl-Carbonyl Moiety
Van Hien Pham, Thi Phuong Dung Phan, Dinh Chau Phan and Binh Duong Vu

Multifaceted Functions of Platelets in Cancer: From Tumorigenesis to Liquid Biopsy Tool and Drug Delivery System
Melania Dovizio, Patrizia Ballerini, Rosa Fullone, Stefania Tacconelli, Annalisa Contursi and Paola Patrignani

Synthesis and Bioactivity of Thiosemicarbazones Containing Adamantane Skeletons
Van Hien Pham, Thi Phuong Dung Phan, Dinh Chau Phan and Binh Duong Vu

The Practice of Extended “Like Dissolves Like” Rule in the Ultrasonic Extraction of Tropane Alkaloids from Radix Physochlainae by Using Ionic Liquids with Similar Structure
Yadi Su, Alula Yohannes, Bing Dong and Shun Yao

Functional Ambivalence of Dendritic Cells: Tolerogenicity and Immunogenicity
Ji-Hee Nam, Jun-Ho Lee, So-Yeon Choi, Nam-Chul Jung and Dae-Seog Lim

PSMA-D4 Radioligand for Targeted Therapy of Prostate Cancer: Synthesis, Characteristics and Preliminary Assessment of Biological Properties
Piotr Garnuszek, Urszula Karczmarczyk, Michał Maurin, Arkadiusz Sikora, Jolanta Zaborniak, Justyna Pijarowska-Kruszyna, Antoni Jaroń, Monika Wyczółkowska, Wioletta Wojdowska, Dariusz Pawlak, Piotr FJ Lipiński and Renata Mikołajczak

Differential Effects of Gold Nanoparticles and Ionizing Radiation on Cell Motility between Primary Human Colonic and Melanocytic Cells and Their Cancerous Counterparts
Elham Shahhoseini, Masao Nakayama, Terrence J Piva and Moshi Geso

Spontaneous Hinge-Bending Motions of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme: Role in Activation and Inhibition
Thi Tuong Vy Phan, Seong-Yeong Heo, Won-Kyo Jung and Myunggi Yi

Amyloid-Beta Peptides Trigger Aggregation of Alpha-Synuclein In Vitro
Janett Köppen, Anja Schulze, Lisa Machner, Michael Wermann, Rico Eichentopf, Max Guthardt, Angelika Hähnel, Jessica Klehm, Marie-Christin Kriegeskorte, Maike Hartlage-Rübsamen, Markus Morawski, Stephan von Hörsten, Hans-Ulrich Demuth, Steffen Roßner and Stephan Schilling

Effect of Systemic Subnormal Deuterium Level on Metabolic Syndrome Related and other Blood Parameters in Humans: A Preliminary Study
Gábor Somlyai, Ildikó Somlyai, István Fórizs, György Czuppon, András Papp and Miklós Molnár

A Microfluidic Spheroid Culture Device with a Concentration Gradient Generator for High-Throughput Screening of Drug Efficacy
Wanyoung Lim and Sungsu Park

Assessing the Effects of Alloxydim Phototransformation Products by QSAR Models and a Phytotoxicity Study
Juan J Villaverde, Inés Santín-Montanyá, Beatriz Sevilla-Morán, José L Alonso-Prados and Pilar Sandín-España

Size and Shape-Dependent Antimicrobial Activities of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles: A Model Study as Potential Fungicides
Francis J Osonga, Ali Akgul, Idris Yazgan, Ayfer Akgul, Gaddi B Eshun, Laura Sakhaee and Omowunmi A Sadik

MicroRNAs and Extracellular Vesicles in Liquid Biopsies as Biomarkers of Different Stages of Breast Cancer Brain Metastases
Inês Figueira, Joana Godinho-Pereira, Sofia Galego, Joana Maia, János Haskó, Kinga Molnár, Rui Malhó, Bruno Costa-Silva, Imola Wilhelm, István A Krizbai and Maria Alexandra Brito

Fresh-Cut Bell Peppers in Modified Atmosphere Packaging: Improving Shelf Life to Answer Food Security Concerns
Carla Barbosa, Thelma B Machado, Manuel Rui Alves and Maria Beatriz PP Oliveira

Molecular Recognition of the HPLC Whelk-O1 Selector towards the Conformational Enantiomers of Nevirapine and Oxcarbazepine
Roberta Franzini, Marco Pierini, Andrea Mazzanti, Antonia Iazzetti, Alessia Ciogli and Claudio Villani

The Role of Single-Nucleotide Variants of NOS1, NOS2, and NOS3 Genes in the Comorbidity of Arterial Hypertension and Tension-Type Headache
Natalia A Shnayder, Marina M Petrova, Polina V Moskaleva, Pavel A Shesternya, Elena A Pozhilenkova and Regina F Nasyrova

Prospects for the Personalized Multimodal Therapy Approach to Pain Management via Action on NO and NOS
Natalia A Shnayder, Marina M Petrova, Tatiana E Popova, Tatiana K Davidova, Olga P Bobrova, Vera V Trefilova, Polina S Goncharova, Olga V Balberova, Kirill V Petrov, Oksana A Gavrilyuk, Irina A Soloveva, German V Medvedev and Regina F Nasyrova

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