Prime Archives in Material Science: 5th Edition


The book Prime Archives in Material Science is a compilation of recent research advances covering techniques for studying the relationships between structure, processing, properties, and performance of materials. The topics covered include but not limited to metals, polymers, electronic materials, nanostructured materials, and applications of materials in the life sciences.


Editors: Jianjiang Zeng and Jie Zheng

ISBN: 978-93-92117-44-2

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A New Material Selection Method Based on Weighted Mean Values of Overall Performance Scores from Different Multicriteria Decision-Making Methods
Won-Chol Yang, Won Ri, Ji-Yon Yang and Chol-Min Choe

Investigation of Pre-Aged Hardening Single-Point Incremental Forming Process and Mechanical Properties of AA6061 Aluminum Alloy
Yao Zhang, Zhichao Zhang, Yan Li, Lan Hu, Qiu Pang and Zhili Hu

The Origin of Anomalous Density Behavior of Silica Glass
Shangcong Cheng

Four-Layer Surface Plasmon Resonance Structures with Amorphous As2S3 Chalcogenide Films: A Review
Aurelian Popescu, Dan Savastru, Mihai Stafe and Nicolae Puscas

Fracture Resistance Ni-P-Tribaloy Surface Coating
Ahmed Mabrouk and Zoheir Farhat

The Preparation and Clinical Efficacy of Amnion-Derived Membranes: A Review
Alison L Ingraldi, Robert G Audet and Aaron J Tabor

High Strain Rate Quasi-Superplasticity Behavior in an Ultralight Mg-9.55Li-2.92Al-0.027Y-0.026Mn Alloy Fabricated by Multidirectional Forging and Asymmetrical Rolling
Furong Cao, Huihui Shang, Nanpan Guo, Shuting Kong and Renjie Liu

Decellularized Dermal Matrices: Unleashing the Potential in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Marta Rosadas, Inês V Silva, João B Costa, Viviana P Ribeiro and Ana L Oliveira

The Influence of Substitutional Defects of Transition Metal Elements on the Stability and Thermal Properties of Al at Finite Temperatures: A First-Principles Study
Tuo Ye, Lan Lin, Zixiong Ruan, Touwen Fan, Yuanzhi Wu and Dongchu Chen

The Use of DFT to Study the Effect of d10 Precious Elements on Structural, Magnetic and Elastic Properties of MnPt Alloy
Ramogohlo Diale, Phuti Ngoepe, Hasani Chauke, Joseph Moema and Maje Phasha

Analysis of Stress and Bolt Load Distribution in Aircraft Hybrid Panels Under Extreme Temperatures
Jianjiang Zeng, Junhua Zhang, Jie Zheng, Guang Yang, Nan Sun, and Mingbo Tong

Evaluate The Relationship Between Particle Size, Anti-Microbial Activity, and Leachability of Copper Particles in Liquid Suspension and Compounded in Polypropylene
Saleh Alkarri

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