Prime Archives in Education Research: 2nd Edition


The book Prime Archives in Education Research is a compilation of recent research works in the field of Education and related areas. The book aims to facilitate the global exchange of education theory with an interdisciplinary approach.



Digital Competence Analysis of University Students Using Latent Classes
Carmen Gloria Burgos-Videla, Wilson Andrés Castillo Rojas, Eloy López Meneses and Javiera Martínez

From STEAM to CHEER: A Case Study of Design Education Development in Taiwan
Chinlon Lin, Jianping Huang and Rungtai Lin

The Enhancement of Creative Collaboration through Human Mediation
Teresa Varela, Odete Palaré and Sofia Menezes

Macau’s Higher Education in the Past 20 Years
Wei Xu and Paisan Sukjairungwattana

Implementing an Empowerment Framework: The Significance for Children’s Play Environments and Reflective Practice
Natalie Canning

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