Prime Archives in Applied Mathematics: 3rd Edition


Applied Mathematics has evolved and used widely in different sectors in the past years. Spreading the digital world is becoming proportional to the increase in the need of specialized experts in this subject. Applied Mathematics helps in solving unexpected and unseen problems with a combined knowledge of mathematical science and practical knowledge. This book gives us key advancements in Applied Mathematics in recent years.


Editor: Ibrahim Nonkane

ISBN: 978-93-92117-39-8

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Mathematical Principles of Object 3D Reconstruction by Shape-from-focus Methods
Dalibor Martišek

Analysis of Waterman’s Method in the Case of Layered Scatterers
Victor Farafonov, Vladimir Il’in, Vladimir Ustimov and Evgeny Volkov

Ordered Variational Inclusion Problem and Ordered Resolvent Equation Problem Involving XOR-operation
Javid Iqbal and Waseem Ali Mir

Application of Stochastic Methods to Description of the Evolution of the Dispersed Composition of Solid Phase Particles in Technological Apparatus of Periodic and Continuous Operation
Oleg M Flisyuk, Nicolay A Martsulevich, Valery P Meshalkin and Alexandr V Garabadzhiu

Improving Performance of Automated Essay Scoring by Using Back-Translation Essays and Adjusted Scores
You-Jin Jong, Yong-Jin Kim, Ok-Chol Ri and Kum-Sok Sin

What do Logic, Game Theory and Social Choice have in Common?
Harrie de Swart

Consistency Improvement Method of Pairwise Matrix Based on Consistency Ratio Decreasing Rate and Attribute Weighting Method Considered Decision Makers’ Levels in Analytic Hierarchy Process: Application to Hip Joint Prosthesis Material Selection
Won-Chol Yang, Hyon-Song Kang, Gyong-Su Ri and Jin-Sim Kim

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors for a Hermitian Gaussian Operator: Role of the Schrödinger-Robertson Uncertainty Relation
RF Snider

On Trajectories of a System Modeling Evolution of Genetic Networks
Inna Samuilik and Felix Sadyrbaev

Modeling the Trajectory of Motion of a Linear Dynamic System with Multi-Point Conditions
ZUBOVA Svetlana Petrovna and RAETSKIY Kirill Alexandrovich

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