Prime Archives in Applied Mathematics: 2nd Edition


Applied Mathematics has evolved and used widely in different sectors in the past years. Spreading the digital world is becoming proportional to the increase in the need of specialized experts in this subject. Applied Mathematics helps in solving unexpected and unseen problems with a combined knowledge of mathematical science and practical knowledge. This book gives us key advancements in Applied Mathematics in recent years.


Editor: Leonid Shaikhet

ISBN: 978-81-953047-0-7

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Derived Hyperstructures from Hyperconics
Vahid Vahedi, Morteza Jafarpour, Sarka Hoskova-Mayerova, Hossein Aghabozorgi, Violeta Leoreanu-Fotea and Svajone Bekesiene

Conflicting Aspects in the Flat Plate Boundary Layer Conventional Solution
Emerson Freitas Jaguaribe

Voltage and Time Required for Irreversible Thermal Damage of Tumor Tissues during Electrochemotherapy under Thomson Effect
Hamdy M Youssef and Alaa A El-Bary

Feature Selection to Optimize Credit Banking Risk Evaluation Decisions for the Example of Home Equity Loans
Agustin Pérez-Martín, Agustin Pérez-Torregrosa, Alejandro Rabasa and Marta Vaca

Resolvent, Natural, and Sumudu Transformations: Solution of Logarithmic Kernel Integral Equations with Natural Transform
Kevser Köklü

Realistic Choice of Annual Matrices Contracts the Range of λS Estimates
Dmitrii O Logofet, Leonid L Golubyatnikov and Nina G Ulanova

Weak Measurable Optimal Controls for the Problems of Bolza
Gerardo Sánchez Licea

A Solution of Airy Differential Equation via Natural Transform
Kevser Koklu

Dynamic Multiagent Incentive Contracts: Existence, Uniqueness, and Implementation
Qi Luo and Romesh Saigal

Characterization of Probability Distributions via Functional Equations of Power-Mixture Type
Chin-Yuan Hu, Gwo Dong Lin and Jordan M Stoyanov

Representation Theory of Groups and D- Modules
Ibrahim Nonkané

Improved Feature Learning: A Maximum-Average-Out Deep Neural Network for the Game Go
Xiali Li, Zhengyu Lv, Bo Liu, Licheng Wu and Zheng Wang

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